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    ULTRA 360
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    The system for fixation of the skull, neck and / or spine during surgical procedures integrates, its instrumentation and accessories is indicated for: the fixation, stabilization and positioning of the skull, neck or column during surgery as well as for the retraction of tissue during surgical procedures in these regions of the body. It allows the head and neck to be held in rigid, particular positions when a rigid skeletal fixation is required or the taking of a diagnostic imaging in magnetic resonance or computed tomography is desired. Among the indications are cranial and spinal fixation during craniotomy and spinal surgeries due to brain tumors. Placement of derivations of hydrocephalus. Bleeding or mematomas of lesions (subdural oepidural hematoma). Brain aneurysms (weakness of blood vessels). Damage to the hard. Malformations of arteriovenous. Brain abscesses Cranial frame and repair of skull fractures. Spinal surgeries including: cervical disectomy and spinal fusion. Surgery of the neck (reconstructive debridement after damage by burn.) Repair of dislocation.