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  • Model / Serial
    Licox and Camino, reference CAM02 and LCX02 / LCX02R
  • Product Description
    The integrated intracranial neuromonitoring system is indicated to measure and record pressure, temperature and / or intracranial oxygen of patients that require this type of monitoring in the parenchyma or in the subacranial space for administration of severe cerebral lesions and in case of cerebral hypertension and in extracranial medical conditions such as failurehepatic or cardiac bypass surgery. The transducer catheter of the system is indicated to obtain the depression, temperature or o2 measurement inside directly from the inside of the patient's skull or through a cerebrospinal fluid adrenaje connector and is designed to be specifically connected to the intracranial monitor through the preamplification cable of the system. The instruments of the system are specific and indispensable for the implantation or removal of the transducer catheter because they have been specifically designed for the system. The use of other instruments can jeopardize the integrity and performance of the system as well as the safety and life of the patient.