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    Model: , Affected: Zenith Alpha™ Thoracic Endovascular Graft.
  • Model / Serial
    Model: , Affected: IFU update
  • Model / Serial
    Model: , Affected: Label and IFU update
  • Model / Serial
    Model: , Affected: ZTA-D-/-, ZTA-DE-/-, ZTA-P-/-, ZTA-PT-/- All Lots
  • Product Classification
  • Model / Serial
    Model: , Affected: Proximal Tapered Component; ZTA-PT, Distal Component; ZTA-D, Distal Extension; ZTA-DE, Proximal Component;ZTA-P
  • Product Classification
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    Note published by the authorities from the Netherlands: This message is a warning from the manufacturer. After placing a medical device on the market, the manufacturer is obliged to follow the device and, where necessary, to improve it. When there is a risk for the user, the manufacturer must take action. The manufacturer informs users and the inspection of this action with a warning (Field Safety Notice). See also medical device warnings. This is part of the supervision of medical technology.
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