Sonesta Medical Ab

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  • Model / Serial
    12-00001-110V 12-00011-110V 23-00002-220V (Demo Product) 12-00002-110V 12-00012-110V 23-00001-220V 12-00003-110V 12-00013-110V 23-00003-220V 12-00004- 110V 12-00014-110V 23-00004-220V 12-00005-110V 12-00015-110V 23-00005-220V 12-00006-110V 12-20001-110V 23-00006-220V 12-00007-110V 12-20002-110V 23-00009-220V 12-00008-110V 12-20003-110V 23-00020-220V 12-00009-110V 12-20004 -110V 23-20001-220V 12-00010-110V 23-20002-220V
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  • Device Class
  • Implanted device?
  • Distribution
    Worldwide Distribution - US Distribution to the state of : MA., and to the countries of : Canada, Netherlands, Dubai, Taiwan, Lebanon, Italy
  • Product Description
    Sonesta S2; Article numbers: 525-S2-110V and 525¿¿S2-220V