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    Lot Numbers: F62328 ,G11073 ,G11135 ,G11205 ,G11271 ,G11368  ,F62370 ,G11074 ,G11138 ,G11208 ,G11273 ,G11370  ,G10831 ,G11075 ,G11139 ,G11209 ,G11274 ,G11371  ,G10874 ,G11076 ,G11140 ,G11210 ,G11275 ,G11374  ,G10889 ,G11079 ,G11144 ,G11211 ,G11276 ,G11376  ,G10915 ,G11081 ,G11146 ,G11212 ,G11279 ,G11379  ,G10928 ,G11082 ,G11147 ,G11213 ,G11280 ,G11381  ,G10939 ,G11084 ,G11149 ,G11214 ,G11281 ,G11385  ,G10940 ,G11086 ,G11151 ,G11216 ,G11283 ,G11386  ,G10949 ,G11087 ,G11152 ,G11217 ,G11284 ,G11567  ,G10951 ,G11088 ,G11153 ,G11218 ,G11285 ,G11604  ,G10953 ,G11090 ,G11154 ,G11219 ,G11287 ,G11698  ,G10962 ,G11093 ,G11155 ,G11223 ,G11289 ,G11741  ,G10965 ,G11094 ,G11157 ,G11224 ,G11293 J10184  ,G10967 ,G11095 ,G11165 ,G11225 ,G11294 J10185  ,G10969 ,G11098 ,G11166 ,G11228 ,G11295 J10186  ,G10971 ,G11100 ,G11171 ,G11229 ,G11297 J10187  ,G10987 ,G11101 ,G11172 ,G11230 ,G11298 J10188  ,G10995 ,G11102 ,G11173 ,G11233 ,G11303 J10189  ,G10996 ,G11106 ,G11175 ,G11235 ,G11304 J10190  ,G10997 ,G11109 ,G11176 ,G11238 ,G11307 J10191  ,G11007 ,G11111 ,G11177 ,G11239 ,G11310 J10192  ,G11009 ,G11112 ,G11180 ,G11242 ,G11314 J10193  ,G11010 ,G11114 ,G11182 ,G11244 ,G11315 J10194  ,G11025 ,G11115 ,G11184 ,G11246 ,G11316 J10195  ,G11027 ,G11117 ,G11185 ,G11249 ,G11318 J10196  ,G11032 ,G11118 ,G11186 ,G11251 ,G11325 J10219  ,G11034 ,G11121 ,G11187 ,G11253 ,G11326 ,G10946  ,G11044 ,G11122 ,G11191 ,G11256 ,G11327 ,G11062  ,G11050 ,G11126 ,G11192 ,G11258 ,G11328 ,G11369  ,G11053 ,G11127 ,G11193 ,G11262 ,G11332  ,G11054 ,G11128 ,G11194 ,G11263 ,G11333  ,G11055 ,G11129 ,G11195 ,G11265 ,G11335  ,G11065 ,G11131 ,G11198 ,G11268 ,G11350  ,G11068 ,G11132 ,G11199 ,G11269 ,G11356  ,G11071 ,G11133 ,G11200 ,G11270 ,G11364
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA including AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV and the countries of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Republic of Korea, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom
  • Product Description
    Micrus Endovascular Microcoil Delivery System; || The Micrus¿ Microcoil Delivery System consists of three components, a Microcoil System, a Connecting Cable, and a Detachment Control Box (DCB). Each component is sold separately. || Catalog Numbers: || PC4180933, SSR181128, CPL100252, || PC4181647, SSR181640, CPL100404, || DFS100254, SSR181230, CPL100406, || DFS100410, DPL100206, SRC141230, || CRC140304, DFS100716, CRC140406, || CPL100203, DFS100204, DPL100408, || SSR100253, PC4181240, DPL100202, || CDF100408, PC4181137, CSP100500, || CDF100154, PC4180830, CSP100350, || DFS100152, SRC140408, PC4181034, || CPL100206, CDF100152, SRC141025, || SRC140225, CPL100304, CRC141025, || CPL 100254, PC4181447, DPL100252, || DFS100154, SRC140303, DFS100720, || DPL 100204, PC4181343, CSP180500, || DFS1 0031 0, DPL100306, DPL100256, || CPL100306, CDF100304, CDF100203, || CDF100410, PC4100412, DPL 100254, || DPL 100053, PC41 00626, CDF100208, || CRC140306, PC4100517, DFS100203, || CSP181400, CPL 100152, DFS100210, || CDF100720, CPL100204, CSP180200, || DFS100204, CDF100510, DFS101025, || DFS100408, PC41 00730, SSR181740, || CRC140615, CPL100256, CDF100206, || DFS100308, CPL100151, CSP100200, || CDF100616, CRC140711, SSR181334, || CDF100310, SRC140445, DFS100252, || CPL100408, CDF100306, DFS100250, || DPL 100152, DPL 100201, CDF100258, || SRC140306, CDF100156, DPL 100153, || DPL100304, SRC140922, SSR100825, || DFS100206, DPL 100203, PC4181550, || DFS100616, CSP180900, PC4181950, || DFS100406, SRC140717, PC4181750, || DFS100925, CSP100400, PC4181846, || SRC140711, CPL100153, PC4182050, || DFS100306, SRC140406, CSP100900, || SRC140615, CDF100308, CSP100300, || DFS1 0051 0, CDF100406, CDF1 0021 0, || DFS100156, CDF100515, || DPL100151, CDF100925, || SSR181028, CDF101025, || SSR181540, CPL 100201, || SSR180825, CPL 100202; || Manufactured and distributed by Micrus Endovascular Corporation, San Jose, CA