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    Serial Numbers:  7SLJX61 - GX280 ;  3V35V61-GX280;  6SLJX61 - GX280; 7S35V61 - GX280;  FT35V61 -GX280; GS35V61 - GX280; JT35V61 -GX280; 1V35V61 - GX280; 4V35V61 -GX280; 8V35V61 - GX280; DT35V61 - GX280; BV35V61 -GX280; JV35V61 -GX280; GV35V61 - GX280; JS35V61 -GX280; BPB1761 - GX280;
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    California and Indiana Foreign: The Netherlands, Switzerland
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    Affymetrix GeneChip Microarray Instrumentation System, consisting of GeneChip 3000Dx scanner with autoloader, FS450Dx fluidics station and GCOSDX Software