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    Section 1– discontinue use for the following GlideScope Video Laryngoscope Blades; Product name: AVL2 Part Nos.:0574-0118 Serial Nos.: AC111500 through AC121604 Product name: AVL3 Part Nos.: 0574-0115 Serial Nos.: AD111500 through AD121688 Product name: AVL4 Part Nos.: 0574-0116 Serial Nos.: AE111500 through AE121778 Product name: AVL5 Part Nos.: 0574-0117 Serial Nos.: AF111500 through AF121666 Product name: GVL3 Part Nos.: 0574-0007 Serial Nos.: MD112388 through MD121908 Product name: GVL4 Part Nos.: 0574-0001 Serial Nos.: LG112759 through LG122582 Product name: GVL5 Part Nos.: 0574-0030 Serial Nos.: XL111799 through XL121759 Section 2– monitor for wear or damage for the following GlideScope Video Laryngoscope Blades: Product Name: AVL2 Part Nos.:0574-0118 Serial Nos.: All serial numbers
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  • Product Description
    Laryngoscope Blades
  • Model / Serial
    manufactured between December 2010 and August 2011, are compatible with the GVL (analog) GlideScope monitor (0570-0200/0231-0003) only. Glide5cope GVL 3 [part # / Serial Numbers}: 0574-0007 / MD10500 to MDl12387 GlideScope GVL 4 [part # / Serial Numbers}: 0574-0001 / LG105000 to LG112758 GlideScope GVL 5 [part # / Serial Numbers}: 0574-0030 / XL105000 to XL111798
  • Product Classification
  • Product Description
    GlideScope Video Laryngoscopes

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    Verathon Inc, 20001 N Creek Pkwy, Bothell WA 98011-8218
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