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    Product Code: FASDL1 6G, DL 16035111, DL 16035141, DL 16035641 Affected Lot Numbers: 0911FAS DL16G01, 1211FASDL16G01, 0212FASDL16G01, 0412FASDL16G01, 0512FASDL16G01, 0712FASDL16G01, 1212FASDL16G01, 0113DL1603511101, 0213DL1603511101, 0213DL1603511102, 0313DL1603511101, 0413DL1603511101, 1112DL1603514101, 0313DL1603514101, 0213DL1603564101, 0513DL1603564101
  • Product Description
    Needle, aspirating oocyte, single use

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