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    The material for osteosynthesis of small fragments of STRYKER is a set of plates, screws, washers and their instrumentation associated with other procedures of osteosynthesis of small bones such as: treatment and surgery of small bones, including those of the hand and wrist; internal fixation of the bones of the hand and wrist; internal fixation, reconstruction oartrodesis of small bones, including the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot; for the treatment of: delescafoid fractures; fractures of the other carpal bones; pseudoarthrosis of the scaphoid; intercarpal arthrodesis; arthrodesis of the distal and proximal interphalangeal joints; fractures of the ulnar and radial epiphyses; osteotomies of transposition of the forefoot; for use in the internal fixation of fractures and distal radius reconstructions.