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    NOVUS WITH RACK, serial S001046, S001259, S001294, S001295, S001308, S001331, S001333, S001524, S001555, || S001311, S001312, S001313, S001328, S001520, S001550, || S001553 and S001569
  • Product Description
    The CLINITEK NOVUS ™ automatic urine chemical analyzer is a fully automated urine analyzer. It is designed for professional use in vitro diagnosis. The CLINITEK NOVUS analyzer is designed to read only SIEMENSHEALTHCARE DIAGNOSTICS CLINITEK NOVUS cassettes. Elanalizer is designed to measure the following components of urine: albumin, bilirubin, blood (occult), creatinine, glucose, ketone (acetoacetic acid), leukocytes, nitrite, ph, proteins, urobilinogen, density (specific gravity), albumin-creatinine ratio and protein-creatinine ratio. These measures are used to help make the diagnosis in the following areas: carbohydrate metabolism (such as diabetes mellitus), kidney function, liver function, metabolic disorders, urinary tract infections the analyzer reports the color and appearance of the sample. The automatic urine analyzerCLINITEK NOVUS is designed for centralized laboratories.