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    Centricity, software versions to, 3.7.3Spa10 and 4.0.1
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    The digital archiving of medical images and as well as for their administration and transmission to other dedicated visualization stations or between them through a computer network. The PACS also allows to make consultations with specialists in other locations outside the institution via web / internet for authorized physicians, protecting the privacy of the patient and the integrity of the data. Among the medical images that can be archived and administered by the PACS are imaging results from: nuclear medicine, computed tomography (CT), computerized radiography (CR), digital radiography (RD), DEXA (DX), special procedures and radiography, ultrasound, mammography , among other examinations, it also allows the archiving and administration of data in wave form, documents and patient data, including all the functions that are needed to access and manage the studies. It is noted that the PACS system has no contact with the patient or controls any device on which life depends. It only constitutes a support on which the doctors interpret the images and information that is being shown on screen or printed through their competent human and professional intervention. It includes a set of software tools that allow measurements, cross references, adjust windows, synchronize and re-position the images and see them dynamically. It is also possible to print, copy and e-mail the images and studies, including the Internet for authorized clinical users.

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