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    Indicated for the infusion of medications or fluids to the patient that need to be supplied continuously or intermittently and in a controlled manner. The infusion is done through a depression piston or a syringe. It is used for intravenous treatments in hospitals, surgery rooms and uci.
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    This equipment is designed for the infusion of medications or fluids that require continuous or intermittent delivery with precise and controlled infusion rates through clinically acceptable routes, including intravenous, subcutaneous, percutaneous, intrarterial, epidural, enteral, near the nerves and within an intraoperative site

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    Note published by the authorities from the Netherlands: This message is a warning from the manufacturer. After placing a medical device on the market, the manufacturer is obliged to follow the device and, where necessary, to improve it. When there is a risk for the user, the manufacturer must take action. The manufacturer informs users and the inspection of this action with a warning (Field Safety Notice). See also medical device warnings. This is part of the supervision of medical technology.
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