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    ABG I Uncemented Acetabular Cups for Total Hip Replacement Approximately 3200 ABG I acetabular cups manufactured by Benoist Girard and distributed by Howmedica International Ltd (both part of Pfizer Medical Technology Group) from 1990 until 4th December 1998 and 61 ABG I acetabular cups distributed by Stryker UK Ltd from 5th December 1998 until 2000, including all of the following components: ABG I acetabular shells, catalogue number 4840-00XX ABG I acetabular cup liners, catalogue umbers 4840-YYXX and 4841-YYXX (where XX and YY correspond to the outer and inner diameters in millimetres). ABG II cups are not affected by this Medical Device Alert. See Appendix for further details.

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