Recall of Sonopet Ultrasonic Surgical System, Model UST-2001, Manufacturer Miwatec Co. LTD, Tokyo, Japan.

According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration, this recall involved a device in United States that was produced by Stryker Instruments Div. of Stryker Corporation.

What is this?

A correction or removal action taken by a manufacturer to address a problem with a medical device. Recalls occur when a medical device is defective, when it could be a risk to health, or when it is both defective and a risk to health.

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    Class 2
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    U.S. data is current through June 2018. All of the data comes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, except for the category Manufacturer Parent Company.
    The Parent Company was added by ICIJ.
    The parent company information is based on 2017 public records.
  • Extra notes in the data
    Instrument, Ultrasonic Surgical - Product Code LFL
  • Reason
    Stryker instruments acquired the sonopet ultrasonic surgical system from mutoh co. ltd on 3/29/2010. stryker determined that the sonopet consode did not meet the iec-60601-1 standard. stryker decided to recall the sonopet consode.
  • Action
    The firm to send URGENT MEDICAL DEVICE RECALL NOTIFICATIONS to customers dated 7/15/2010. The customers were instructed to continue to use the device. Stryker technicians were dispatched to replace a board with a new board.


  • Model / Serial
    06I0599, 08I0973, 07J0790, 04K0294, 07C0671, 09B1031, 04G0254, 04H0259, 06I0601, 08D0887, 06B0472, 05G0373, 07F0718, 07G0738, 05J0421, 08D0888, 04L0315, 05G0375, 04L0311, 06C0484, 04A0209, 08I0974, 04A0208, 03L0197, 07I0787, 09B1028, 07L0822, 06B0470, 04G0252, 05I0401, 09B1026, 06B0467, 06G556, 03I0166, 05E0378, 05E0351, 05J0422, 04D0237, 05L0448, 08C0872, 07E0703, 07L0825, 08L0998, 07K0811, 08G0937, 05J0423, 06B0468, 08D0885, 08D0891, 08G0935, 08G0936, 07E0700, 07E0701, 06H0576, 04D0230, 04D0231, 06I0603, 07B0655, 07B0653, 08G0932, 04F0242, 04I0262, 08D0889, 03I0168, 08B0855, 07K0807, 08A0847, 08B0858, 06F0543, 07F0721, 07F0719, 07F0720, 07F0732, 04K0293, 04I0279, 06G0569, 06K0618, 06I0586, 04K0292, 05A0341, 07K0808, 07H0766, 07H0767, 07E0714, 04H0261, 05L0444, 05L0446, 07K0810, 07K0812, 07K0813, 07L0830, 08D0893, 07E0705, 06H0574, 06H0577, 06H0578, 06I0588, 08I0985, 08I0972, 09B1035, 08F0914, 07F0731, 04G0253, 07F0722, 07K0805, 04K0295, 07C0672, 07K0806, 08B0857, 07B0652, 07G0739, 05E0379, 07I0785, 07I0786, 06G0567, 04I0282, 08E0907, 07I0788, 07I0789, 04I0271, 06C0488, 06C0487, 04B0194, 08D0886, 06B0473, 06C0486, 09B1027, 04H0260, 06A0456, 06E0532, 07C0670, 06I0602, 06C0489, 06E0530, 03L0196, 04J0283, 06G0568, 03I0170, 06B0475, 03I0171, 08G0934, 07F0717, 08F0925, 08A0843, 03H0165, 06G557, 06G555, 08L0999, 06A0459, 06A0460, 06A0461, 09A1008, 09A1009, 09A1010, 09A1016, 07L0827, 07L0828, 07L0829, 08C0871, 08C0873, 08C0874, 08C0875, 09B1034, 08D0890, 09C1051, 06D0511, 09E1069, 09E1070, 09E1071, 09E1085, 09E1086, 08E0895, 08E0896, 08F0926, 08F0927, 08F0928, 08F0929, 08F0930, 08G0938, 06H0573, 07K0623, 07G0735, 07G0736, 06H0575, 06I0589, 06K0621, 03G0162, 04D0236, 05L0447, 06D0510, 07H0764, 07H0765, 06G558, 06D0512, 07L0824, 09A1017, 08D0877, 06H0572, 06H0571, 06C0490, 06H0579, 08B0859, 08B0854, 08I0970, 06B0469, 06F0545, 09B1032, 09B1033, 08D0892, 09C1049, 09C1050, 07E0704, 08E0905, 08E0906, 06C0491, 07E0699, 06I0590, 05L0445, 07H0763, 06C0492, 07K0622, 07E0702, 06G0554, 07G0740, 08F0915, 07J0791, 07C0669, 06E0534, 07G0741, 06I0587, 03L0195, 06I0600, 05F0381, 07B0656, 08B0860, 04L0313, 07L0823, 08A0842, 08G0933, 05G0374, 07G0742, 06K0620, 07G0747, 07D0688, 04I0272, 05G0390, 05I0400, 05H0397, 06C0485, 08B0856, 07F0716, 07D0684, 06F0544, 08F0916, 07K0809, 03G0163, 06B0474, 05G0389, 07A0643, 08F0912, 05F0380, 02#0065, 04G0251, 03I0172, 04I0273, 04F0244, 07L0832, 08I0984, 09B1025, 06B0471, 08A0848, 06E0531, 06E0533, 08E0908, 08G0939, 04F0245, 06J0604, 07G0743, 07G0745, 05G0396, 05G0395, 05H0398, 06H0570, 07D0685, 02%0075, 02%0076, 04L0312, 07D0687, 05G0392, 03D0134, 02I0109, 02I0110, 03I0169, 07G0748, 03E0161, 07B0657, 06A0457, 04I0280, 04I0281, 04K0291, 07G0746, 08G0931, 07B0654, 07F0730, 06K0619, 05A0342, 05G0391, 03I0167, 04C0223, 06F0542, 03H0164, 08I0971, 08F0913, 06J0617, 03G0148, 03G0149, 03G0150, 04C0222, 04K0310, 04A0205, 04K0309, 03I0173, 02L0119, 03A0124, 02#0057, 02G0092, 01(0010, 01J0024, 02!0041, 01+0028, 01,0034, 01,0032, 01,0033, 09B1030, 09C1047, 09J1103, 09I1104, 09I1105, 09I1106, 09L1107, 09L1108, 09L1109, 09L1111, 09L1112, 09L1113, 09L1129, 09L1130, 09L1131, 09L1132, 09L1133, 09L1134, 09L1135, 09L1136, 09L1137, 09L1138, 09L1139, 09L1140, 09L1141, 09L1142, 09L1143, 09L1144, 09L1145, 09L1146, 09L1147, 09L1152, 09L1153, 09L1154, 09L1155, 09I1094, 09H1076, 08H0955, 09E1079, 02L0120, 09I1096, 02L0114, 09I1100, 09I1099, 09I1102, 02A0038, 03I0153, 03L0190, 09A1024, 09D1053, 03A0133, 06F0546, 06F0547, 04D0232, 05D0336, 05B0344, 09I1101, 02E0073, 09L1110, 09J1126, 04C0224, 04D0235, 04F0241, 04F0243, 04L0314, 07L0833, 09L1151, 09L1148, 09L1149, 09L1150, 09J1116, 09J1117, 09J1118, 09J1119, 09J1120, 09J1121, 09J1122, 09J1123, 09J1124, 09J1125, 09J1127, 09C1045, 07G0744, 07G0749, 06A0458, 05I0399, 07D0683, 07D0686, 07G0756, 09E1019, 09C1041, 09C1042, 02!0039, 02F0080, 02%0074, 01(0002, 01+0026, 0037, 02I0105, 03F0143, 04A0210, 0323, 0368, 06A0465, 08I0969, 07L0831, 09A1018, 09A1023, 06B0477, 06B0478, 09I1114, 09I1115, 07G0733, 07G0734, 08G0940, 08I0975, 07I0782, 07I0781, 09A1007, 09B1029, 08A0845, 06B0476, 09B1036, 09B1037, 09B1038, 09C1048, 08C0876, 08C0870, 07H0770, 06E0529, 08E0902, 08H0956, 07H0771, 07H0772, 04B0216, 09A1021, 09I1091, 07C0668, 06G0566, 07B0651, 07H0762, 05I0407, 02$0071, 08G0941, 06J0605, 01+0029, 01+0030, 07I0783, 08J0986, 08J0994, 09C1039, 09C1040, 08E0904, 08E0903, 07I0784, 04F0247, 04E0234, 04E0233, 04F0246, 04F0248, 04L0317, 04L0318, 04J0284, 04J0285, 02F0078, 02F0079, 03C0125, 03#0126, 03D0156, 03D0157, 03D0158, 08K0996, 08C0869, 08H0951, 05G0394, 05F0362, 02B0055, 05A0343, 05K0434, 06F0551, 02E0072, 03E0159, 04C0217, 05K0433, 07J0799, 07K0826, 09A1020, 08H0952, 07E0624, 06I0591, 05E0352, 05G0377, 02B0053, 08H0959, 08A0839, 08I0966, 08I0977, 09D1057, 08F0910, 07C0667, 07B0658, 05I0408, 07G0750, 09H1065, 06E0539, 06E0527, 08F0911, 05I0413, 07E0706, 02L0113, 07F0725, 04D0225, 05L0440, 09D1059, 03A0121, 07A0644, 05H0385, 06D0513, 05A0335, 07H0774, 04K0297, 07D0691, 07E0696, 09H1090, 07I0780, 07G0753, 02G0089, 08I0980, 08H0950, 07F0724, 02B0052, 04G0263, 04K0302, 06J0606, 01(0007, 08L1006, 05F0359, 07C0678, 07C0666, 09E1088, 03K0186, 02!0046, 07L0836, 05A0328, 02!0043, 02$0067, 02B0054, 03K0187, 02)0108, 08C0865, 01J0018, 08I0981, 05F0366, 04G0264, 05K0431, 05K0432, 03+0184, 07G0757, 07K0815, 09E1080, 04A0201, 05L0439, 05E0349, 07E0713, 02F0084, 06B0480, 08H0949, 06L0628, 08H0954, 06G0561, 05F0363, 04C0219, 06L0629, 06L0634, 02F0077, 07J0793, 08A0840, 08J0989, 05J0424, 04L0325, 07C0663, 04K0303, 07D0682, 07H0775, 06E0526, 05H0383, 08H0953, 03G0152, 04K0305, 10B1166, 07G0759, 07E0711, 04G0250, 06L0633, 06H0580, 09D1061, 01(0006, 05H0406, 08L1003, X7L0821, 07B0661, 07G0752, 07I0779, 05G0376, 09H1073, 09G1063, 01)0012, 02G0090, 05F0354, 02K0112, 03J0174, 07L0820, 08E0898, 06G0560, 05E0350, 06I0598, 06E0525, 07D0681, 01J0022, 04B0211, 06A0449, 08F0921, 05F0371, 08L1002, 03L0189, 04J0288, 05I0414, 05F0358, 07G0754, 02H0104, 06C0497, 08C0882, 04K0298, 07C0675, 04I0278, 08I0982, 07J0798, 08E0901, 05H0403, 05H0388, 07F0729, 04K0306, 08J0991, 07I0777, 07E0712, 08C0866, 08I0968, 03J0178, 03K0179, 06B0479, 06A0450, 05A0329, 06L0641, 08H0947, 05D0345, 02F0085, 08C0867, 05L0441, 07J0795, 06G0553, 07F0727, 08H0958, 06C0508, 04I0277, 07E0709, 09E1082, 08E0900, 06H0583, 06L0635, 02G0093, 07J0792, 06E0524, 04A0198, 05J0416, 06E0541, 06D0516, 05A0327, 05F0365, 09A1013, 06H0585, 04I0275, 04K0296, 02H0103, 03J0175, 08C0878, 09H1075, 04G0257, 07J0797, 04H0269, 07G0758, 02G0096, 05I0410, 02F0081, 02G0094, 06B0482, 05K0438, 06C0494, 07I0776, 09A1014, 07L0834, 01J0025, 05D0338, 09D1055, 08H0946, 06F0549, 06F0550, 09D1058, 05F0357, 05J0417, 05H0387, 07J0803, 07D0680, 01,0031, 06J0610, 06D0514, 06D0515, 01J0021, 05E0355, 08H0948, 06L0636, 08I0965, 02!0040, 10B1168, 02H0102, 05D0340, 07D0679, 06L0630, 01(0008, 06D0509, 02B0049, 02#0058, 02$0068, 02H0101, 07C0673, 09H1074, 02B0051, 09G1046, 02!0042, 04A0204, 04K0300, 04K0301, 05F0367, 08B0861, 04H0270, 04K0304, 04J0289, 08J0992, 09A1012, 09H1072, 06L0637, 02I0106, 06J0615, 05H0386, 06L0642, 08J0990, 07D0693, 02$0069, 06G0552, 03K0181, 01+0027, 05F0356, 05D0339, 08J0988, 07B0650, 07J0802, 03C0138, 05H0404, 04A0203, 05K0435, 03C0136, 04G0258, 07G0755, 01)0011, 06A0464, 06L0627, 07A0647, 03F0132, 08L1001, 02H0100, 05I0409, 02K0111, 02B0056, 07G0760, 08C0879, 04L0321, 03A0122, 08A0851, 02!0044, 09E1084, 07K0804, 04B0213, 06H0582, 07A0646, 04B0199, 02F0088, 05F0364, 07E0698, 09H1066, 09H1089, 06L0631, 06J0609, 06J0607, 03G0145, 03L0193, 06A0451, 04D0227, 01(0003, 06G0563, 03L0192, 07F0723, 09D1060, 01J0023, 02I0107, 03C0137, 05K0430, 03K0182, 03K0183, 01,0035, 02F0083, 01J0020, 08G0944, 06B0481, 06I0596, 08I0967, 08H0960, 08D0883, 02B0050, 07E0708, 06A0454, 01,0036, 01(0005, 06A0453, 08I0964, 09H1077, 06C0495, 06H0584, 07E0707, 04F0240, 07J0796, 06J0612, 08C0880, 08G0943, 06A0466, 06G0559, 04G0249, 04H0267, 03F0142, 06B0483, 03J0176, 06A0455, 09H1067, 07I0778, 06L0625, 03J0177, 05H0382, 08F0917, 05A0334, 09E1087, 05J0418, 07J0801, 06G0565, 02F0086, 02B0048, 05D0346, 01(0009, 07K0816, 06I0593, 07L0835, 08H0957, 07B0660, 05E0353, 05E0348, 07L0819, 06J0611, 05J0427, 04L0324, 01(0004, 08G0945, 03L0191, 02$0066, 06G0562, 06G0564, 09I1097, 08I0979, 02G0095, 05I0412, 06E0537, 09D1054, 05H0402, 03B0128, 06D0517, 01)0014, 01J0016, 05J0420, 05H0384, 04J0287, 06I0592, 08F0918, 04L0322, 04K0299, 07E0710, 06C0503, 06C0507, 06D0522, 06C0501, 06E0535, 06D0520, 06L0640, 06C0506, 06C0499, 06E0536, 06D0521, 06C0504, 06D0518, 06C0505, 05L0443, 06E0538, 06C0500, 07C0676, 06D0519, 06C0498, 06L0639, 06C0502, 08F0920, 05J0426, 05F0369, 04A0207, 07D0690, 04C0218, 02F0082, 05J0428, 05D0347, 04C0221, 01J0017, 08A0841, 03F0131, 08B0853, 02B0047, 06L0638, 08B0863, 05L0442, 04H0265, 02F0087, 06F0548, 07C0674, 09A1011, 04D0229, 04B0215, 06E0540, 02G0098, 03B0127, 04C0220, 03B0129, 02G0097, 03G0151, 10B1162, 02C0062, 02C0063, 02#0060, 02#0061, 02#0064, 05K0437, 09G1044, 09E1083, 05F0372, 05I0411, 05A0326, 08L1000, 07D0692, 06I0597, 02$0070, 07D0689, 05A0333, 04K0307, 08A0849, 07G0761, 08F0924, 08L1005, 01)0015, 08E0897, 07C0664, 08I0983, 08B0852, 08J0993, 07F0726, 09H1068, 09A1015, 05H0405, 04C0200, 07G0751, 07K0817, 07K0818, 05J0425, 05J0419, 06J0613, 05A0331, 05F0360, 06C0496, 05I0415, 08E0899, 09E1081, 03G0146, 09D1056, 09A1022, 08F0923, 03K0180, 07J0794, 06I0595, 03G0144, 06E0528, 08B0864, 03G0147, 06I0594, 03K0185, 07D0694, 04J0290, 06C0493, 07J0800, 02#0059, 07K0814, 07L0837, 08C0881, 07E0715, 07D0695, 06J0614, 08L1004, 04D0228, 05A0330, 04K0308, 06D0523, 06L0632, 09G1043, 08G0942, 02H0099, 06A0462, 04G0255, 04G0256, 05K0436, 09D1062, 08J0987, 07B0649, 06J0608, 02!0045, 07H0773, 04B0214, 04B0212, 04I0274, 08I0963, 08I0978, 03A0123, 07B0662, 04H0268, 06A0452, 07C0665, 03C0139, 05A0332, 07C0677, 04F0238, 08A0838, 06A0463, 04L0320, 07A0645, 07B0648, 04A0202, 01J0019, 05K0429, 03F0141, 07B0659, 01)0013, 09I1098, 04J0286, 01(0001, 04F0239, 03L0188, 06H0581, 02G0091, 07E0697, 10B1167, 09G1064, 04I0276, 04A0206, 04D0226, 09I1095, 05D0337, 08F0919, 03B0130, 07G0737, 04H0266, 07F0728, 08A0850, 05F0370, 08B0862, 05F0361, 08D0884, 08F0922, 06L0626, 10B1172, 10B1170, 10B1159, 10B1165, 10B1164, 10B1169, 10B1160, 10B1173, 03B0140, 10B1157, 10B1163, 10B1161, 10B1174, 10B1158, 10B1171, 08A0844, 02K0115, 02K0116, 02K0117, 02K0118, 04L0319, 04L0316, 03H0135, 05G0393, 07H0768, 07H0769, 08J0995, 08E0909, 09G1078, 09I1092, 09I1093 and 03E0160.
  • Product Classification
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  • Implanted device?
  • Distribution
  • Product Description
    Sonopet Ultrasonic Surgical System, Model UST-2001, Manufacturer Miwatec Co. LTD, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Manufacturer


  • Manufacturer Address
    Stryker Instruments Div. of Stryker Corporation, 4100 E. Milham Ave., Kalamazoo MI 49001
  • Manufacturer Parent Company (2017)
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