Recall of Device Recall PowerPICC catheter

According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration, this recall involved a device in United States that was produced by Bard Access Systems Inc..

What is this?

A correction or removal action taken by a manufacturer to address a problem with a medical device. Recalls occur when a medical device is defective, when it could be a risk to health, or when it is both defective and a risk to health.

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    Class 2
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    Open, Classified
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    U.S. data is current through June 2018. All of the data comes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, except for the category Manufacturer Parent Company.
    The Parent Company was added by ICIJ.
    The parent company information is based on 2017 public records.
  • Extra notes in the data
    peripherally inserted central catheter - Product Code LJS
  • Reason
    Possible leaks on the 3 fr. single lumen and 4 fr. dual lumen powerpicc catheters at the luer hub extension leg junction.
  • Action
    Customers were notified via letter on approximately 12/28/2017. Instructions include a reminder that if additional extension sets are attached to the luers of the catheters, they should be appropriately secured as per hospital recommended securement protocol, to refrain from having unsupported extension sets that could put stress on the luer extension leg junction of the catheter, and to notify customers if the product was further distributed. Also, the notification contained a statement that Bard Access is in the process of updating their Instructions for Use to include a statement regarding the importance of properly securing additional extension sets per hospital recommended securement protocol. On 04/11/2018, the recall was expanded and customers were notified via letter, which explained that the previous recall has been expanded to involve return of affected product as well as include product distributed from February 2017 through March 2018. Instructions included to examine inventory for affected product, quarantine and immediately discontinue distribution of the product, complete and return the Business Recall Response Form, arrange for the return of affected product, and notify customers if the product has been further distributed. For distributors, Bard Access Systems requested a customer list so that they could notify their customers.


  • Model / Serial
    Product Code (Lot/Serial No.): S1274108D (REBN2334), S9274108D (REBN2336), S3274108PD (REBP1471), S3274335 (REBP1580), S3274355 (REBP1581), S3274355P (REBP1582), S3274335P (REBP1583), S1274108PD (REBP1971), S1274108 (REBQ1883), S3274355 (REBQ1884), S3274335 (REBQ1885), S3274108D (REBQ1886), S1274108D (REBQ1887), S9274108PD (REBQ1888), S0274108PD (REBQ1889), S3274335P (REBQ1890), S1274118 (REBQ1891), S9274108D (REBQ1892), S1274108D (REBR0160), S1274108D (REBN1883), S1173108D (REBN2329), S9173108D (REBN2332), S1274108PD (REBN2378), S9274108PD (REBN2379), S1173108PD (REBP0948), S3173335 (REBP0949), S3173355 (REBP0950), S9173108PD (REBP1020), s3173355p (REBP1023), S3173335P (REBP1024), S3274108D (REBQ1276), S1173108 (REBQ1882), S1173108 (REBQ2473), S1173108D (REBQ2474), S9173108D (REBQ2475), S1173108PD (REBQ2479), S0173108PD (REBR1399), S1173108PD (REBS0167), S3274108D (REBQ2476), S3173108PD (REBQ2480), S3173355 (REBQ2586), S3173335 (REBQ2587), s3173355p (REBQ2590), s3173108d (REBQ2592), S1173108PD (REBR1398), S0173108PD (REBS2081), S1274108D , REBS0062), S1274108D (REBS1035), S1274108D (REBS1567), S1274108D (REBR1347), S9274108D (REBQ2477), S3274355P (REBS0026), S3274335P (REBS0534), S3274335 (REBS0574), S3274355P (REBS1557), S3274355P (REBS2011), S3274355P (REBS2550), S1274108D (REBS2562), S1274118 (REBT0078), s1274108pd (REBT0146), S1274108PD (REBT0146), S3274355P (REBT0168), S3274355P (REBT0204), CK000765 (REBT0255), S1274108 (REBT0682), S0274108PD (REBT0697), S9274108D (REBT0754), S1274108D (REBT0755), S1274108PD (REBT0757), S3274335 (REBT0805), CK000765 (REBT0843), S9274108PD (REBT1446), S9274108 (REBT1885), CK000767 (REBT1889), S3274108PD (REBT2364), S9274108D (REBU0059), CK000767 (REBW1216), S3274355 (REBR1259), S3173355 (REBR1261), S1274108PD (REBR1345), S3274108PD (REBR1401), S1274108D (REBS0781), S3274355P (REBS0843), S1274108D (REBS1033), S1274108D (REBS2070), CK000759 (REBS2133), S3173355P (REBT0101), S3173335P (REBT0116), S3173355P (REBT0737), S3274335 (REBT1585), S1274108D (REBT1602), S3274355 (REBT1802), S3274108 (REBT1884), ck000770 (REBU0664), S9274108D (REBU0691), S1173108 (REBU1584), S9274108D (REBU1639), S1173108D (REBV0536), S1274108D (REBW0268), S3173108D (REBR1014), S1173108D (REBS1988), S3173108D (REBT0147), S9173108PD (REBT0234), S1173108D (REBT0240), S1173108D (REBT1398), S3173355P (REBT1801), S3173108 (REBT1882), S9173108 (REBT1883), S3173355P (REBT1948), S3173355P (REBU0082), S1173108D (REBU0293), S1173108D (REBU0690), S3173355P (REBU0714), S0173108PD (REBU1224), S3173355P (REBU1265), s9173108pd (REBU2255), S3173335P (REBV0052), S3173118 (REBV1102), S9173118 (REBV1103), S1173108PD (REBW1843), S3173108PD (REBX1664), s1173108 (REBT0688), S1274108D (REBU0296), S1274108D (REBU0765), S1274108 (REBU1047), S1274108D (REBU1271), S9173108D (REBU1640), S1274108PD (REBW0728), s3173355 (REBW1532), S1173108 (REBX1560), S1173108PD (REBX1663), S3173118 (REBY0008), S1173108D (REBY0782), S1173108PD (REBY0832), S0173108PD 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S1274108D (RECN0085), S1274108PD (RECN0939), S1274108 (RECN1068), CK000114A (RECQ0041), S3173335 (REBY1941), S1173108D (REBY1982), S9173108PD (REBZ0816), S1173108D (REBZ0838), S1173108PD (REBZ0840), S3173108PD (REBZ0960), S1173108PD (RECN0088), S1173108D , RECN1199), s1173108pd (RECN1200), S3173108PD (RECN1406), S1173108D (RECN2175), S1173108PD (RECN2177), S0173108PD (RECN2678), S1173108D (RECP0357), S1173108PD (RECP0594), S1173108 (RECP1895), S3173355 (RECP2311), S1274108D (REBY0518), S3274108D (REBY0834), S1274108PD (REBY2518), S1173108PD (REBY2740), S9274108PD (REBZ0815), s1274108pd (REBZ1718), S1274108PD , RECN0027), S1274108PD (RECN2563), S3274108D (REBX2246), S3274335 (REBY0879), S1274108D (REBY2013), S3274335 (RECN0888), S1274108D (RECN0938), S1274108D (RECN2573), S3274108D (RECN2679), S9274108D (RECP0358), S1274108D (RECP0590), S3274355 (RECP0846), S1274108PD (RECP2482), S3274108D (RECQ0417), S3274108D (REBY2517), S1274108D (REBY2739), S3274355 (REBZ0494), S3274335 (REBZ0681), S3274108D (REBZ0839), S1274108D (REBZ0885), S1274108D (REBZ1625), S1274108 (REBZ1678), S1274108D (RECN1381), S1274108D (RECN2461), S3274108D (RECP0591), S9274108PD (RECP1511), S3274355 (REBZ1826), S3274108D (RECN0023), S9274108D (RECN0084), S9274108D (RECN1403), S1173108 (REBY1170)
  • Product Classification
  • Device Class
  • Implanted device?
  • Distribution
    Distribution US nationwide.
  • Product Description
    PowerPICC Provena Catheters, as 3 Fr. Single lumen and 4 Fr. Dual Lumen. Packaged in a poly tray with Tyvek lid within a header bag configuration or a breather bag configuration.
  • Manufacturer


  • Manufacturer Address
    Bard Access Systems Inc., 605 N 5600 W, Salt Lake City UT 84116-3738
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