Recall of Device Recall Belly Bag Urine Collection Bag with Hip Belt.

According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration, this recall involved a device in United States that was produced by Teleflex Medical.

What is this?

A correction or removal action taken by a manufacturer to address a problem with a medical device. Recalls occur when a medical device is defective, when it could be a risk to health, or when it is both defective and a risk to health.

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    Class 2
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    U.S. data is current through June 2018. All of the data comes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, except for the category Manufacturer Parent Company.
    The Parent Company was added by ICIJ.
    The parent company information is based on 2017 public records.
  • Extra notes in the data
    Collector, urine, (and accessories) for indwelling catheter - Product Code KNX
  • Reason
    Sterile packaging may be compromised.
  • Action
    Teleflex Medical sent an Urgent Medical Device Recall Notification dated March 28, 2013, to all affected customers. The letter identified the product the problem and the action needed to be taken by the customer. Customers were instructed if you have any of the affected stock, immediately discontinue use and quarantine any products with the catalog numbers listed. If you and your customers have no affected stock please complete the enclosed Recall Acknowledgement Form and fax it to 1 (866) 804-9881 Attn: Customer Service. This will allow us to document your receipt of this letter. To return product complete the enclosed Recall Acknowledgement Form and fax it to 1 (866) 804-9881 Attn: Customer Service. This will allow us to document the amount of product you have on hand for return. If you have any other questions feel free to contact your local sales representative or Customer Service at 1 (866) 246-6990.


  • Model / Serial
    CATALOG NO. B1000 - 02A1100488, 02A1100489, 02A1100490, 02A1100491, 02A1100492, 02A1101420, 02A1101421, 02A1102009, 02A1102010, 02A1102049, 02A1102050, 02A1103180, 02A1103181, 02A1103182, 02A1201862, 02A1201868, 02A1201869, 02A1201870, 02A1201871, 02A1202372, 02A1202373, 02A1202374, 02A1202376, 02A1202377, 02A1202378, 02A1202603, 02A1202632, 02A1202633, 02A1202634, 02A1202783, 02A1202784, 02A1202785, 02A1202786, 02A1202787, 02A1202788, 02A1202789, 02A1202790, 02A1202791, 02A1202792, 02A1203552, 02A1203553, 02A1203554, 02A1203555, 02A1203556, 02A1204179, 02B1100522, 02B1100523, 02B1100524, 02B1101000, 02B1101001, 02B1101002, 02B1102328, 02B1102329, 02B1103007, 02B1200105, 02B1200106, 02B1200107, 02B1201685, 02B1201686 02B1201687, 02B1201688, 02B1201689, 02B1202029, 02B1202508, 02B1202509, 02C1000808, 02C1000910, 02C1000911, 02C1000912, 02C1001699, 02C1001725, 02C1002642, 02C1002655, 02C1002656, 02C1002657, 02C1002990, 02C1003816, 02C1003817, 02C1003818, 02C1100328, 02C1100329, 02C1100330, 02C1100331, 02C1103877, 02D1000274, 02D1000982, 02D1000983, 02D1002061, 02D1002062, 02D1002063, 02D1002753, 02D1002754, 02D1002755, 02D1200734, 02D1200735, 02D1200736, 02D1200737, 02D1203071, 02D1203072,  02D1203073, 02D1203074, 02D1203075, 02D1203084, 02E1002077, 02E1002746, 02E1002747, 02E1102105, 02E1102106, 02E1102107, 02E1102346, 02E1102347, 02E1102348, 02E1102349, 02E1102350, 02E1103220, 02E1103221, 02E1103222, 02E1103223, 02E1103225, 02E1200137, 02E1200138, 02E1200139, 02E1200140, 02E1200141, 02E1200142, 02E1200143, 02E1200144, 02E1201212, 02E1201234, 02E1201235, 02E1201236, 02E1201237, 02E1201238, 02E1201811, 02E1201812, 02E1201813, 02E1201983, 02E1201984, 02E1201985, 02E1201986, 02E1201987, 02E1201988, 02E1201989, 02F1000379, 02F1000380, 02F1001044, 02F1001045, 02F1001046, 02F1001801, 02F1001802, 02F1002742, 02F1002743, 02F1002744, 02F1003780, 02F1003781, 02F1003782, 02F1101266, 02F1102102, 02F1102107, 02F1102108, 02F1103126, 02F1103127, 02F1103128, 02F1103129, 02F1103566, 02F1103567, 02F1103568, 02F1103569, 02F1201733, 02F1202628, 02F1203156, 02F1203157, 02G1000133, 02G1000134, 02G1001110, 02G1001111, 02G1001112, 02G1001113, 02G1001114, 02G1001571, 02G1001572, 02G1002676, 02G1002677, 02G1002678, 02G1100575, 02G1100576, 02G1100577, 02G1100578, 02G1100579, 02G1200760, 02G1200771, 02G1200772, 02G1200773, 02G1200774, 02G1200775, 02G1201730, 02G1201731, 02G1201732, 02G1201733, 02G1201734, 02G1201736, 02G1202202, 02G1202203, 02G1202204, 02G1202205, 02G1202206, 02G1202207, 02G1202821, 02G1202822, 02G1202823, 02G1202824, 02G1202825, 02G1202826, 02H1000671, 02H1000672, 02H1000673, 02H1000674, 02H1000720, 02H1000721, 02H1000722, 02H1000723, 02H1001458, 02H1001459, 02H1001460, 02H1002831, 02H1002832, 02H1002833, 02H1100924, 02H1100925, 02H1100926, 02H1101672, 02H1101673, 02H1101674, 02H1101675, 02H1101676, 02H1102339, 02H1102340, 02H1102625, 02H1102626, 02H1102627, 02H1200264, 02H1200265, 02H1200267, 02H1200272, 02H1200275, 02H1201461, 02H1201462, 02H1201463, 02H1201464, 02H1201465, 02H1201466, 02H1201803, 02H1201804, 02H1201805, 02H1201806, 02H1201807, 02H1201809, 02H1202365, 02H1202367, 02H1203113, 02H1203114, 02H1203115, 02J1000130, 02J1000131, 02J1000132, 02J1000133, 02J1001054, 02J1001055, 02J1001056, 02J1001459, 02J1001460, 02J1001461, 02J1001662, 02J1001792, 02J1001793, 02J1002994, 02J1002995, 02J1003183, 02J1003184, 02J1003947, 02J1003948, 02J1101101, 02J1101102, 02J1101103, 02J1101104, 02J1101105, 02J1101766, 02J1101767, 02J1101768, 02J1101769, 02J1102135, 02J1102519, 02J1102520, 02J1102521, 02J1102524, 02J1103393, 02J1103394, 02J1103395, 02J1103396, 02J1103397, 02J1201479, 02J1201481, 02K1000440, 02K1000441, 02K1001417, 02K1001418, 02K1002226, 02K1002227, 02K1002623, 02K1003132, 02K1003133, 02K1003134, 02K1003595, 02K1100719, 02K1100720, 02K1100721, 02K1100722, 02K1100723, 02K1101650, 02K1101651, 02L1000684, 02L1000685, 02L1000686, 02L1000687, 02L1000688, 02L1001189, 02L1001190, 02L1002404, 02L1002405, 02L1002406, 02L1003281.02L1003282, 02M1000051, 02M1000060, 02M1001023, 02M1001024, 02M1001025, 02M1001026, 02M1001573, 02M1001574, 02M1001575, 02M1002665, 02M1002666, 02M1002667, 02M1002668, 02M1002669, 02M1003205, 02M1003206, 02M1003207, 02M1102661, 02M1102662   CATALOG NO. B1000P - 02A1100494, 02A1101101, 02A1102052, 02A1103184, 02A1201872, 02A1202793, 02B1101418, 02B1103009, 02B1202770, 02C1001701, 02C1002644, 02C1002993, 02C1201165, 02C1201848, 02C1202407, 02C1203284, 02D1002064, 02D1002756,  02E1200414, 02F1001047, 02F1001803, 02F1002745, 02F1100453, 02F1100454, 02F1203169, 02G1201452,  02G1202827, 02H1000675, 02H1001461, 02H1002834,  02H1102629, 02J1000134, 02J1003949, 02J1102523, 02K1002158, 02K1002624, 02K1101653, 02L1001192,  02L1002407, 02L1003284, 02L1101573, 02L1101575, 02M1000052, 02M1001027, 02M1001577, 02M1002671, 02M1003210,   CATALOG NO. B1000CT - 02A1100493, 02A1101100, 02A1102051, 02A1103183, 02B1101417, 02B1103008, 02E1201810, 02E1202328, 02E1202889, 02F1100452, 02G1101973, 02G1200493, 02G1200494, 02G1200495, 02G1201735, 02G1202208, 02G1202828, 02H1100292,  02H1102628, 02J1001061, 02J1001463, 02K1000442, 02K1001419, 02K1002228, 02L1001191, 02M1001576, 02M1002670, 02M1003209
  • Product Classification
  • Device Class
  • Implanted device?
  • Distribution
    Worldwide Distribution - USA and the countries of Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Japan and Australia.
  • Product Description
    Belly Bag Urine Collection Bag with Hip Belt. || The product is a sterile urine collection device that collects urine by mechanical means when attached to an indwelling Foley or suprapubic catheter.
  • Manufacturer


  • Manufacturer Address
    Teleflex Medical, 4024 Stirrup Creek Dr, Durham NC 27703-9000
  • Manufacturer Parent Company (2017)
  • Source