Device Recall BladderScan BVM 9500

  • Model / Serial
    Serial numbers:   B5001000, B5001003, B5001004, B5001007, B5001011, B5001016, B5001017, B5001018, B5001020, B5001021, B5001022, B5001023, B5001024, B5001025, B5001026, B5001027, B5001032, B5001062, B5001069, B5001070, B5001074, B5001075, B5001076, B5001077, B5001078, B5001079, B5001080, B5001081, B5001088, B5001090, B5001091, B5001092, B5001093, B5001095, B5001098, B5001099, B5001101, B5001102, B5001103, B5001104, B5001105, B5001106, B5001107, B5001108, B5001109, B5001110, B5001111, B5001113, B5001114, B5001115, B5001116, B5001117, B5001118, B5001119, B5001120, B5001121, B5001122, B5001123, B5001124, B5001125, B5001126, B5001127, B5001128, B5001129, B5001132, B5001138, B5001139, B5001140, B5001141, B5001142, B5001143, B5001144, B5001147, B5001148, B5001149, B5001150, B5001152, B5001156, B5001157, B5001158, B5001159, B5001160, B5001162, B5001164, B5001166, B5001170, B5001171, B5001172, B5001173, B5001174, B5001175, B5001176, B5001177, B5001179, B5001180, B5001181, B5001182, B5001184, B5001186, B5001187, B5001188, B5001189, B5001190, B5001191, B5001192, B5001194, B5001195, B5001197, B5001198, B5001199, B5001200, B5001201, B5001202, B5001203, B5001204, B5001206, B5001208, B5001209, B5001210, B5001211, B5001212, B5001215, B5001217, B5001218, B5001219, B5001220, B5001221, B5001222, B5001223, B5001224, B5001225, B5001226, B5001228, B5001230, B5001231, B5001233, B5001234, B5001235, B5001236, B5001237, B5001238, B5001239, B5001240, B5001241, B5001245, B5001246, B5001247, B5001249, B5001250, B5001251, B5001252, B5001253, B5001254, B5001256, B5001264, B5001265, B5001266, B5001267, B5001268, B5001269, B5001271, B5001273, B5001274, B5001275, B5001276, B5001277, B5001278, B5001279, B5001280, B5001282, B5001283, B5001285, B5001286, B5001288, B5001289, B5001290, B5001291, B5001292, B5001293, B5001294, B5001295, B5001296, B5001297, B5001298, B5001299, B5001300, B5001302, B5001309, B5001310, B5001313, B5001314, B5001315, B5001316, B5001317, B5001318, B5001319, B5001320, B5001321, B5001322, B5001323, B5001327, B5001328, B5001329, B5001330, B5001331, B5001332, B5001333, B5001334, B5001335, B5001336, B5001338, B5001339, B5001340, B5001341, B5001342, B5001343, B5001344, B5001345, B5001346, B5001347, B5001348, B5001349, B5001350, B5001351, B5001352, B5001353, B5001354, B5001355, B5001356, B5001357, B5001358, B5001359, B5001360, B5001363, B5001364, B5001365, B5001366, B5001367, B5001368, B5001369, B5001370, B5001371, B5001372, B5001373, B5001374, B5001375, B5001376, B5001377, B5001378, B5001380, B5001383, B5001384, B5001385, B5001386, B5001387, B5001388, B5001390, B5001391, B5001392, and B5001393.
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  • Implanted device?
  • Distribution
    Worldwide Distribution - USA and the countries of Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, European Union, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.
  • Product Description
    BladderScan BVM 9500 || The BladderScan BVM 9500 is intended to project ultrasound energy through the lower abdomen to obtain an image of the bladder and measure urinary bladder volume and mass noninvasively.
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    Verathon, Inc., 20001 N Creek Pkwy, Bothell WA 98011-8218
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