Device Recall AGFA DXD100 Digital Radiography XRay System

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    A5410000053, A5410000054, A5411000439, A5411000446, A5411000447, A5411000448, A5410000067, A5410000068, A5410000069, A5410000070, A5410000072, A5410000073, A5410000100, A5410000107, A5410000134, A5411000184, A5410000039, A5411000140, A5411000142, A5411000314, A5411000342, A5411000347, A5411000349, A5410000007, A5411000017, A5411000315, A5411000331, A5411000332, A5411000463, A5411000141, A5411000144, A5411000539, A5411000541, A5411000069, A5411000133, A5411000175, A5411000119, A5411000123, A5411000019, A5411000400, A5411000401, A5411000540, A5411000047, A5411000048, A5411000053, A5410000041, A5410000042, A5410000046, A5411000041, A5411000079, A5411000024, A5411000032, A5411000083, A5411000038, A5411000132, A5411000571, A5411000573, A5411000050, A5411000088, A5411000247, A5411000070, A5411000078, A5411000082, A5411000476, A5411000478, A5411000480, A5411000482, A5411000489, A5411000490, A5411000563, A5411000582, A5411000154, A5411000156, A5411000404, A5411000500, A5411000501, A5411000589, A5411000591, A5411000583, A5411000236, A5411000155, A5411000151, A5411000191, A5411000192, A5411000194, A5411000193, A5411000249, A5411000052, A5411000185, A5411000237, A5411000030, A5411000397, A5411000587, A5411000499, A5411000503, A5411000504, A5411000574, A5411000584, A5411000348, A5411000193, A5411000268, A5411000498, A5411000502, A5411000509, A5411000403, A5411000153, A5411000233, A5411000235, A5411000318, A5411000398, A5411000538, A5411000371, A5410000043, A5411000181, A5411000158, A5411000513, A5411000514, A5411000152, A5411000548, A5411000553, A5411000199, A5411000209, A5411000210, A5411000232, A5411000346, A5411000124, A5411000174, A5411000177, A5411000230, A5411000468, A5411000469, A5411000470, A5411000173, A5411000316, A5411000145, A5411000188, A5411000197, A5411000202, A5411000203, A5411000206, A5411000208, A5411000335, A5411000336, A5411000533, A5411000537, A5411000536, A5411000159, A5410000038, A5411000148, A5411000149, A5411000134, A5411000405, A5411000120, A5411000125, A5411000372, A5411000147, A5411000588, A5411000039, A5411000117, A5411000121, A5411000333, A5411000334, A5411000377, A5411000040, A5411000240, A5411000593, A5411000594, A5411000085, A5411000419, A5411000097, A5411000281, A5411000278, A5411000279, A5411000280, A5411000492, A5411000282, A5411000245, A5411000277, A5411000064, A5411000065, A5411000187, A5411000198, A5411000207, A5411000211, A5411000212, A5411000231, A5411000399, A5411000491, A5411000493. A5411000524, A5411000497, A5411000534, A5411000526, A5411000535, A5411000122, A5411000575, A5411000576, A5411000577, A5411000495, A5411000578, A5410000044, A5411000037, A5411000241, A5411000246, A5411000108, A5411000110, A5411000114, A5411000312, A5411000074, A5411000080, A5411000522, A5411000033, A5411000139, A5411000543, A5411000182, A5411000190, A5411000021, A5411000374, A5411000218, A5411000572, A5411000084, A5411000098, A5411000238, A5411000116, A5411000408, A5411000409, A5410000042, A5410000023, A5411000544, A5411000580, A5411000581, A5411000545, A5411000546, A5411000547, A5411000579, A5411000337, A5411000338, A5411000340, A5411000341, A5411000475, A5411000549, A5411000373, A5411000420, A5410000133, A5410000117, A5410000115, A5410000079, A5410000131, A5410000066, A5410000132, A5410000114, A5410000082, A5410000116, A5411000025, A5411000523, A5411000525, A5411000590, A5411000592, A5411000263, A5411000309, A5411000262, A5411000270, A5411000272, A5411000273, A5411000293, A5411000363, A5411000260, A5411000264, A5411000269, A5411000271, A5411000291, A5411000292, A5411000261, A5411000265, A5411000266, A5411000267, A5411000034, A5411000081, A5411000146, A5411000092, A5411000093, A5411000407, A5411000026, A5411000068, A5411000367, A5411000368, A5411000465, A5411000060, A5411000131, A5411000018, A5411000100, A5411000515, A5411000313, A5411000284, A5411000076, A5411000135, A5411000180, A5411000343, A5411000285, A5411000311, A5411000375, A5411000062, A5411000136, A5411000179, A5411000178, A5411000421, A5411000427, A5411000376
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    Worldwide Distribution - US including AL, AR, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NV, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, WV, WI, WY, and Internationally to Canada.
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    AGFA Digital Radiography X-Ray System DX-D100 || DX-D100 is indicated for use in providing diagnostic quality images to aid the physician with diagnosis
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    AGFA Healthcare Corp., 10 S Academy St, Greenville SC 29601-2632
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