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    Class I device, 510(K) exempt  Catalog Number: 48287028 Lot Number: 098400
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) and internationally to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.
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    Stryker MANTIS TORQUE WRENCH || REF 48287028 || Manufactured by: || Stryker pine SAS || Z.I MARTICOT-33610-CESTAS-FRANCE || +33 (0) || || Distributed in the USA by: || Stryker Spine, || 2 Pearl Ct. Allendale || NJ 07401-1677 USA || +1-201-780-8000 || The Xia 3/Mantis Redux/Specialty Audible Torque Wrenches are used to final tighten the blocker of the Xia 3/ Mantis Redux Polyaxial Screws, Hooks, Monoaxial Screws, Rod to Rod Connectors and Off-set connectors. The Torque Wrench is a t-handle deflection beam torque wrench with a 5 mm hex tip. The instrument allows the controlled application of 12 Nm torque via a visual indicator on the bell shaped cylinder just below the handle. The Specialty Audible Torque Wrench has an extra feature where it creates and audible "click" when the desired final tightening torque is reached.
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    Stryker Spine, 2 Pearl Ct, Allendale NJ 07401-1611
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