Device Recall Trident Universal Impactor/Positioner

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    Catalog No: 2101-0200, Lot Nos. SMM7A00, SMM7A00L, SMM7A02, SMM7A02A, SMM7A02E, SMM7A02EE, SMM7A01T, SMM7A01TT, SMM7A01TD, SMM7A01TDD, SMM7C02H, SMM7C02, SMM7C01, SMM7C01T, SMM7C01TT, SMM7C01W, SMM7E03, SMM7E03A, SMM7E00, SMM7A00E, SMM7E02, SMM7E02A, SMM7E01, SMM7E01A, SMM7K00. SMM7K01, SMM7K01A, SMM7K03, SMM7K03L, SMM7K02, SMM7K02T, SMM7K03X, SMM7K03Y, SMM7C02J, SMM7L00H, SMM7L00J, SMM7L00K, SMM7L00, SMM7C01TW, SMM7M01, SMM7A02T, SMM7M00, SMM7M00A, SMM7M02H, SMM7M02, SMM7E02M, SMM7E01JK, SMM7K03J, SMM7K00A, SMM6N04, SMM7N01J, SMM7N01, SMM7M06, SMM7M09, SMM7N03, SMM7N03A, SMM7M06A, SMM7M09, SMM7N00, SMM7M05, SMM7M08A, SMM7M10, SMM7N00A, SMM7N02L, SMM7M05J, SMM7M08, SMM7N02, SMM7N04, SMM7N04J, SMM8C00, SMM7M01R, SMM7M01RW, SMM7M01W, SMM7M07, SMM7M07J, SMM6C00, SMM7M03, SMM7M03A, SMM7M03D, SMM7M03E, SMM7M03L, SMM7M04, SMM7M04L, SMM7M03K, SMM8C00J, SMM8L05, SMM8L05A, SMM8L02X, SMM8L04, SMM6N00, SMM6N01, SMM6N01A, SMM6N02, SMM6N03, SMM6N04A, SMM8L07T, SMM8L08, SMM8M00K, SMM8M00L, SMM8M01, SMM8M01E, SMM8M01EE, SMM8N02, SMM8N02A, SMM8M01A, SMM8N00, SMM8N00A, SMM8N00D, SMM8N01, SMM8N01A, SMM8N01T, SMM8S00, SMM8S00T, SMM8S00TT, SMM8S01, SMM8S01A, SMM8S01D, SMM8T00, SMM8N02T, SMM8S02, SMM8V00, SMM8V00A, SMM8V00E, SMM8T00A, SMM8V01, SMM8V01A, SMM8W02, SMM8W03A, SMM8V02, SMM8W01, SMM8W01A, SMM8W02X, SMM8W03M, SMM8W03P, SMM8W04, SMM8W04A, SMM8W05, SMM8W05A, SMM8W03D, SMM8W03, SMM8W05D, SMM8W00A, SMM8W00E, SMM8W00J, SMM8W00K, SMM8W00, SMM8V02J, SMM8W00D, SMM8V07, SMM8W06H, SMM8W05H, SMM8W00H, SMM8W07, SMM8W07K, SMM8W07L, SMM8W08, SMM8W08E, SMM8W07A, SAMPLE25, SMM8W08EE, SMM9A00, SMM9A00R, SMM9A00T, SMM9A01, SMM9A01E, SMM9A01EL, SMM9A02, SMM9A02E, SMM9A03, SMM9A03K, SMM9A03L, SMM9A03P, SMM8L01, SMM8L03, SMM8L07, SMM8L00T, SMM8L07, SMM9A05, SMM9A06, SMM9A06E, SMM9A07, SMM9A08, SMM9A12, SMM9A12J, SMM9A12T, SMM9A09, SMM9A09K, SMM9A09L, SMM9A10, SMM9A11, SMM9A11D, SMM9A07L, SMM9E01, SMM9E02, SMM9E02A, SMM9E03, SMM9E00, SMM9C00A, SMM9C00D, SMM9C00, SMM9C00J, SMM9C00K, SMM9E05A, SMM9E04, SMM9E04A, SMM9E04D, SMM9E04E, SMM9E05, SMM9E04T, SMM9E04TT, SMM9E06, SMM9E06A, SMM9E06D, SMM9A03HD, SMM9A12X, SMM9H01, SMM9H01A, SMM9H01T, SMM8V01D, SMM8V05, SMM8V06, SMM8V04, SMM8V03, SMM9H00E, SMM9H00EE, SMM9H00K, SMM9H00L, SMM9H00V, SMM9K00, SMM9K01, SMM9K01AT, SMM9K01T, SMM8K01TT, SMM9K02A, SMM9K03, SMM9K02, SMM9K04, SMM9L00, SMM9L01, SMM9L02, SMM9L02A, SMM9L02E, SMM9L02M, SMM9L03, SMM9L03A, SMM9L03D, SMM9L03E, SMM9L04, SMM9L04D, SMM9L04E, SMM9L05, SMM9L04A, SMM9L07, SMM9L07A, SMM9L09, SMM9L09A, SMM9L09D, SMM9V00, SMM9V02A, SMM9V02D, SMM9V05, SMM9V07, SMM9V08A, SMM9A04, SMM9L09E, SMM9L10, SMM9L08, SMM9L08A, SMM9A09P, SMM9K01L, SMM9L06, SMM9M01L, SMM9M01, SMM9M01A, SMM9M03, SMM9M03A, SMMM03D, SMM9M03E, SMM0M02, SMM9M02A, SMM9M02L, SMM9M00, SMM9L10A, SMM9N02M, SMM9N02, SMM9N00, SMM9N00X, SMM9N00Y, SMM9N02K, SMM9N02J, SMM9N01, SMM9N01A, SMM9N01J, SMM9N05A, SMM09N05, SMM9N05D, SMM9N07J, SMM9H01K, SMM9N07JK, SMM9N07N, SMM9T01, SMMN9T01, SMM9T00, SMM0T00A, SMM9T02, SMM8V07A, SMM7E01T, SMM7K01AA, SMM0T00K, SMM9T00J, SMM9T03, SMM9T03A, SMM9T03D, SMM8W01AA, SMM9T03N, SMM9T03L, SMM9T03M, SMM8V01T, SMM8V07T, SMM8W00T, SMM8V03T, SMM8V05T, SMM8V07TT, SMM9V01, SMM9V01A, SMM9V01T, SMM9V01D, SMM9V01J, SMM9V01X, SMM9V00A, SMM9V08, SMM9V08AA, SMM09V06, SMM9V09J, SMM9V04, SMM9V09, SMM9V09A, SMM9V09K, SMM9V03, SMM9V02E, SMM9V02H, SMM9V02K, SMM9V09E, SMM9V09L, SMM9V09LE, SMM9V09LL, SMM9V00HJ, SMM9V00JH, SMM9V00H, SMM9N03, SMM9N04, SMM9N06, SMM9N06A, SMM9N07, SMM09N08, SMM9N08E, SMM9N07A, SMM9N07AA , SMM9N08A, SMM9N08D, SMM9N06T, SMM9N06TA and SMM9N07M
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    US and Internationally
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    Stryker Orthopaedics Universal Acetabular Cup Positioner/Impactor, REF 2101-0200, Non-Sterile, Howmedica Osteonics Corp., 325 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430, USA, A Subsidiary of Stryker Corp.
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    Stryker Howmedica Osteonics Corp., 325 Corporate Dr, Mahwah NJ 07430-2006
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