WASP (Walk Away Specimen Process) Instrument software

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    Serial Numbers: W086-61-084/106/115/119/134/136; W086-050-179; W086-61-087/109/125/127/130/133; W086-050-144/151/153/157/170/171/181/184; W086-61-088/097/100/117; W086-050-177/178/183; W086-61-093; W086-050-143/155; W086-61-096; W086-050-164/169/159/175; W086-61-103/137/141/142; W08661-104/114118/128/138; W086050-182; W08661 111; W08661 113; W08661 124; W08661129/140; W086050150/152/154/185; W08661 139; W086050 147; W08661 110; W086050160/161/162; W086050 180; W086050 187.
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA including Oregon and California., and the countries of France, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Romania, Finland, Germany, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, UK, Sweden and Japan
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    WASP (Walk Away Specimen Process). Automatic Planting and Streaking Instrument || Catalog number: W086 || WASP is a fully automated system used to process microbiological specimens in liquid phase for the investigation of infectious microbes.
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    Copan Italia, Via Perotti, 10, Brescia Italy
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