Device Recall in2it Self Test System A1c Test Cartridge

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    Catalog numbers 281-0001EX, 281-0001, and 281-0001ST, all product manufactured sinc 2007-09-20.
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    Product was distributed to Bio-Rad's US subsidiary, along with 18 other distribution subsidiaries outside the US. These distributed further to other consignees. POroduct was distributed to Mexico, Korea, Singapore, Italy, South Africa, India, Australia, Spain, Greece, France, Thailand, Germany, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Portugal, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Netherlands, Taiwan, Austria, Denmark, Israel, Finland and Belgium as well as to other African and Latin American countries.
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    in2it (I) and (II) System A1c Test cartridges and in2it Self Test System A1c Test Cartridges, for use with the in2it (I) and (II) self test system analyzer, manufactured by Bio-Rad, Flintshire, UK || The in2it (I) and (II) is an affinity chromatography method and is intended for the in-vitro quantitative determination of A1c in capillary blood taken from a finger prick. The test is indicated for monitoring the time averaged blood Glucose levels of known diabetics, for professional use as an indicator of overall glycemic control. The in2it (I) assay is intended for use in a physicians/doctors' office, the in2it (II) is intended for home use. The in2it Self Test system in intended for testing blood taken from a fingerstick. The test system is for self testing and for in-vitro diagnostic use only (not to be swallowed). The system shows how good glucose control has been over a two to three month period. The test system is the same as the test that has been CE marked for use in a clinical laboratory. The instructions for use have been changed with suggestions from people with diabetes. A patient study was conducted where untrained users ran their own blood tests and produced results which were as accurate as results obtained by trained users.
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    Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc, 4000 Alfred Nobel Dr, Hercules CA 94547-1803
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