Styker Impression Mattress

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    Model number 2980: 09AC000234, 09AC000235, 09AC000236, 09AC000237, 09AC000238, 09AC000239, 09AC000240, 09AC000241, 09AC000242, 09AC000243, 09AC000244, 09AC000245, 09AC000246, 09AC000247, 09AC000248, 09EA000807, 09EA000808, 09EA000809, 09EA000810, 09EA000811, 09EA000812, 09EA00081, 09EA000814, 09EA000815, 09EA000816, 09EA000817, 09EA000818, 09EA000819, 09EA000820, 09EA000821, 09EA000822, 09EA000823, 09EA000824, 09EA000825, 09EA000826, 09EA000827, 09EA000828, 09EA000829, 09EA000830, 09EA000831, 09FA000833, 09FA000834, 09FA000835, 09FA000836, 09FA000837, 09FA000838, 09FA000839, 09FA000840, 09FA000841, 09FA000842, 09FA000843, 09FA000844, 09FA000845, 09FA000846, 09FA000847, 09FA000848, 09FA000849, 09FA000850, 09FA000851, 09FA000852, 09FA000853, 09FA000854, 09FA000855, 09FA000856, 09FA000857, 09FA000858, 09FA000859, 09FA000860, 09FA000861, 09FA000862, 09FA000863, 09FA000864, 09FA000865, 09FA000866, 09FA000867, 09FA000868, 09FA000869, 09FA000870, 09FA000871, 09FA000872, 09FA000898, 09FA000899, 09FA000900, 09FA000901, 09FA000902, 09FA000903, 09GA000920, 09GA000921, 09GA000922, 09GA000923, 09GA000924, 09GA000925, 09GA000926, 09GA000927, 09GA000928, 09JA001517, 09JA001518, 09JA001519, 09JA001520, 09JA001521, 09JA001522, 09JA001523, 09JA001524, 09JA001561, 09JA001562, 09JA001563, 09JA001564, 09JA001565, 09JA001566, 09JA001567, 09JA001568, 09JA001569, 09JA001570, 09JA001571, 09JA001572, 09JA001573, 09JA001574, 09JA001575, 09JA001576, 09JA001577, 09JA001578, 09JA001579, 09JA001580, 09JA001581, 09JA001582, 09JA001583, 09JA001584, 09JA001585, 09JA001586, 09JA001587, 09JA001588, 09JA001589, 09JA001590, 09JA001591, 09JA001592, 09JA001593, 09JA001594, 09JA001595, 09JA001596, 09JA001597, 09JA001699, 09JA001700, 09JA001701, 09JA001702, 09JA001703, 09JA001704, 09KA002025, 09KA002026, 09KA002064, 09KA002065, 09KA002066, 09KA002067, 09KA002068, 09KA002069, 09KA002070, 09KA002071, 09KA002072, 09KA002073, 09KA002074, 09KA002075, 09KA002076, 09FA000896, 09FA000897, 09AC000249, 09AC000250, 09AC000251, 09AC000252, 09AC000253, 09DA000598, 09DA000599, 09EA000832, 09HA0001046, 09HA0001047, 09HA0001048, 09HA0001049, 09HA0001050, 09HA0001051, 09HA0001052, 09HA0001053, 09HA0001054, 09HA0001055, 09HA0001056, 09HA0001057, 09HA0001058, 09HA0001059, 09HA0001060, 09HA0001061, 09HA0001062, 09HA0001063, 09HA0001064, 09HA0001065, 09HA0001066, 09HA0001067, 09HA0001068, 09HA0001069, 09HA0001070, 09HA0001071, 09HA0001072, 09HA0001073, 09HA0001074, 09HA0001075, 09HA0001076, 09HA0001077, 09HA0001078, 09HA0001079, 09HA0001080, 09JA001698, 09JA001705, 09JA001706, 09JA001707, 09JA001708, 09HA001292 and 09HA001305.
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  • Implanted device?
  • Distribution
    Worldwide Distribution - USA including California and the country of Canada.
  • Product Description
    Stryker, Impression, Non-Powered Mattress, Model 2980, Stryker Medical, Portage, MI. || The Impression non-powered mattress is recommended for use in the prevention of pressure ulcers. It is intended for use on Stryker frames and on other frames supporting a 84" x 35" x 6" mattress.
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    Stryker Medical Division of Stryker Corporation, 3800 East Centre Ave., Portage MI 49002
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