Device Recall TUBING SET 7/8" X 6' WITH 1/4" x 24 TUBING

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    Lot Numbers: C9225, C9232, C10239, C10285, C11042, C11129, C11136, C11172, C11209, C11216, C11279, C11300, C11332, C12010, C12023, C12102, C12157, C12194, C12215, C12251, C12290, C12339, C12348, C13008, C13056, C13057, C13092, C13157, C13164, C13176, C13268, C13295, C13308, C13337, C13340, C14027, C14057, C14094, C14135, C14195, C14209 C14232, C14238
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  • Implanted device?
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    US (nationwide) Distribution.
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    TUBING SET 7/8" X 6' WITH 1/4" x 24" TUBING, REF 24136, QTY 3/CS, NON STERILE, NO LATEX || Intended use: The smoke evacuator and accessories are intended to evacuate the smoke created by electrosurgery, laser surgery, or power tool surgical procedures. Locations include Operating Rooms, Trauma, Endoscopy and Laparoscopy Sites.
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    Microtek Medical Inc, 602 N Lehmberg Rd, Columbus MS 39702-4406
  • Manufacturer Parent Company (2017)
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