Device Recall Electric Powered Medical Bed

  • Model / Serial
    Model #''s:1102550, 026757, 720-3M-80PR, IH720-3MQS, IH720-3M, 720-3M-76PR, IH720-2M, IHSC900, 026746, SC900-80P, SC90080L, SC900-76L, 720FULL, IHMC2MFP76, IHMC2MF80, IHMC2MF76, IHMC2MFP76, IHMC3MFP80, IHMC3ZP4I6, IHMC2M3ZP41, IHMC23ZP236, IHMC3SP23, 1H3MRFR76, IH3MRFR80, IH3MR2076, IH3MR2080, IH3MR8FR76, IH3MF8FRU6, IH3MR8FR80, IH3MF8FRU. The serial numbers for the beds affected are as follows: 00Axxxxx thru 00Kxxxxx; 99Axxxxx thru 99Lxxxxx & 98Cxxxxx thru 98Lxxxxx.
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    World wide
  • Product Description
    ICCG AC-Powered Adjustable Medical Bed
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  • Manufacturer Address
    Invacare Corporation, 1 Invacare Way, Elyria OH 44035
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