Device Recall 9F Plastic Dual Port

  • Model / Serial
    Model No. MR592090A, MR592090P; with Lot Nos.:  MAKT120 EXP. DATE 04/28/2012, MAXH410 EXP. DATE 06/28/2014, MAXF610 EXP. DATE 10/28/2014, MBFC140 EXP. DATE 05/28/2016, MBGH020 EXP. DATE 08/28/2016, MBHS100 EXP. DATE 11/28/2016, MAKT130 EXP. DATE 04/28/2012, MBAQ860 EXP. DATE 07/28/2015, MBHP980 EXP. DATE 11/28/2016, MBKJ110 EXP. DATE 03/28/2017
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  • Implanted device?
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    Worldwide distribution. US nationwide, Canada, Brazil, and United Arab Emirates.
  • Product Description
    9F Plastic Dual Port; The port systems are totally implantable vascular access devices. They consist of an injection port, a self-sealing membrane and a detachable catheter. The port systems provide repeated vascular access and are applicable for delivery of: medications, intravenous fluids, blood products, parenteral nutrition, and for venous blood sampling.
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    Medical Components, Inc dba MedComp, 1499 Delp Dr, Harleysville PA 19438
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