Colleague, Colleague CX and Colleague CXE Infusion Pumps

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    Product code: 2M8151, Serial numbers 10090647CS, 10115635CS, 10115962CS, 10116082CS, 10116632CS, 10121619CS, 11011446CS, 11013479CS, 11030809CS, 11050013CS, 11050408CS, 11080071CS, 11080504CS, 11080881CS, 11081127CS, 11081178CS, 11081341CS, 11081358CS, 11081693CS, 11091827CS, 12010687CS and RA01705CS *   Product code: 2M8161, Serial numbers 11120207CC, 11120577CC, 11120679CC, 11121015CC, 11121486CC, 11121539CC, 12030561CC, 12030888CC, 12030893CC, 12041367CC, 12041749CC, 12050038CC, 12050219CC, 12050223CC, 12050664CC, 12050681CC, 12051057CC, 12090119CC, 12090405CC, 12090427CC, 12091053CC, 12091075CC, 12091148CC, 12091405CC, 12091556CC, 12100117CC, 12100982CC, 12101088CC, 12101206CC, 12101594CC, 12101640CC, 12101697CC, 13010436CC, 13010685CC, 13021534CC, 13030933CC, 13040553CC, 13040621CC, 13040858CC, 13040959CC, 13050740CC, 13050540CC, 13070265CC, 13070294CC, 13071355CC, 13080673CC, 13090662CC, 13100920CC, 13101054CC, 13101261CC, 13110978CC, 13120218CC, 13121245CC, 13121377CC, 13121543CC, 13121871CC, 13122235CC, 13122390CC, 13123119CC, 13124082CC, 14040190CC, 14040232CC, 14040382CC, 14040631CC, 14051452CC, 14062542CC, 14073731CC, 14092140CC, 14100120CC, 14101408CC, 14110357CC, 14112103CC, 14120740CC, 14120849CC, 14121202CC, 14121225CC, 14121577CC, 14121865CC, 14123040CC, 14124070CC, 15033184CC, 15050130CC, 15060217CC, 15072249CC, 15072698CC, 15072852CC, 15081325CC, 15084164CC, 15092830CC, 15102333CC and 17110473CC,   Product code 2M9161, Serial numbers 17040756CP, 7041105CP, 17085496CP and 17088142CP
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    Worldwide distribution: USA (nationwide) including states of :Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia, and country of: Canada.
  • Product Description
    Baxter Colleague, Colleague CX and Colleague CXE Infusion Pumps, Single Channel Volumetric Infusion Pumps. Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Medication Delivery Division. Product Codes: 2M8151, 2M8161 and 2M9161. Intended for use in a wide variety of patient environments for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. || Electronic infusion pumps indicated for continuous or intermittent delivery of solution through clinically acceptable routes of administration, such as intravenous (IV), intra-arterial (IA), subcutaneous, epidural or irrigation of fluid spaces applications.
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    Baxter Healthcare Corp., Rt. 120 & Wilson Rd, Round Lake IL 60073
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