Baxter Clearlink IV Delivery System

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    all lots of product code 2N8399, 1C8678, 1C8680, 1C8683, 1C8684, 1C8687, 1C8693, 1C8702, 1C8704, 1C8705, 1C8706, 1C8707, 1C8712, 1C8722, 1C8723, 1C8727, 2C0168, 2C6254, 2C6255, 2C6256, 2C7461, 2C7462, 2C8401, 2C8402, 2C8419, 2C8425, 2C8428, 2C8515, 2C8519, 2C8537, 2C8541, 2C8546, 2C8548, 2C8571, 2C8593, 2C8606, 2C8607, 2C8610, 2C8612, 2C8632, 2C8634, 2C8671, 2C8700, 2C8720, 2C8750, 2C8751, 2C8819, 2C8851, 2C8857, 2C8858, 2C8860, 2C8862, 2C8864, 2C8865, 2C8875, 2C8891, 2C8895, 2C8920, 2C8921, 2C8930, 2C8931, 2H7462, 2H7463, 2H8401, 2H8480, 2H8486, 2H8519, 2H8603, 2H8720, 2H8750, 2H8819, 2H8860, 2H8862, 2H8864, 2H8865, 2N8300, 2N8334, 2N8335, 2N8341, 2N8371, 2N8373, 2N8374, 2N8377, 2N8378, 2N9204K, 2N9205K, 3C0122, 3C0134, 3C0139, 3C0143, 3C0148, 3C0150, 3C0151, 3C0157, 3C0158, 3C0159, 3C0160, 3C0162, 3C0165, 4C8714, 4C8723, 4H8723
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    Nationwide, and internationally through Baxter subsidiaries to Macedonia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Spain, Belgium, Norway, United Kingdom, France and Luxembourg.
  • Product Description
    Baxter Clearlink Intravenous (IV) Delivery System; the system consists of solution sets, extension sets and blood sets that have a luer activated valve for IV access, which allows the administration of medications/solutions with a needleless luer syringe; Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Deerfield, IL 60015 USA
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    Baxter Healthcare Corp., Rt. 120 & Wilson Rd, Round Lake IL 60073
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