BARD Irrigation Syringe, 70cc, Resectoscope Tip, Catheter Tip, Luer Tip and Cap, Rx Only, Sterile

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    Product Code: 0038460, Lot Numbers: NGZC3768, NGZC5029, NGZD0924, NGZD1664, NGZD1983, NGZD3103, NGZD3241, NGZD3989, NGZD4053, GZD4923, NGZE1190, NGZE2134, NGZE3406, NGZF0305, NGZF1546, NGZF2589, NGZF3934, NGZF4488 and NGZF4885.
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    Worldwide Distribution - US (nationwide) and Internationally to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, France and Italy.
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    BARD¿ Irrigation, Syringe 70cc With Resectoscope Tip, Catheter Tip, Luer Adapter And Cap, Rx Only, Sterile, || The BARD¿ Syringe is available in a single use plastic design which features a 60cc or 70cc capacity graduated barrel. It has a thumb ring plunger for one-handed use. A catheter adapter tip and Luer adapter tip are included. BARD¿ Syringe allows one-hand use with a 60cc or 70cc graduated barrel and thumb-ring plunger and is indicated for catheter irrigation use. BARD¿ Syringe is intended for Cytoscope or Resectoscope irrigation, catheter irrigation and Foley catheter balloon inflation.
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    C.R. Bard, Inc., 8195 Industrial Blvd NE, Covington GA 30014-1497
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