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    Product received nationwide distribution to approx. 120 direct consignees. The firm identified 3 Govt. accounts: (1) Nthrn VA Comm. Hospital, 601 S. Carlin Spg. Rd., Arlington VA 22204, (2) Veterans Admin Med Ctr., 4100 W. 3rd St., Dayton OH 45428, (3) GW University Hospital, 901 23rd St. NW # 5306N, Washington DC 20037. The recall was appropriately extended to the user level; i.e., the hospital/medical centers, physicians and nurses who received the recalled product. There is no known Canadian distribution.
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    Gemstar¿ Therapy Pain Management I. V. Infusion Pump, List #: 13150-04; 2.9 Software Version
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    Abbott Laboratories, 755 Jarvis Drive, Morgan Hill CA 95037
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    ALINITY CI-SERIES MODULE, all serials.
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    It is a fully automated immunoassay system that allows random and continuous access, as well as priority processing and automatic re-analysis using chemoluminescent micro-particle immunoassay technology. CMIA technology is used to determine the presence of antigens, antibodies and analytes in samples. The scalable design of the ALINITY I allows one or more sample processing modules, in multiple configurations, with a system control module to physically join together to form a single workstation.
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    Endovascular closure device designed for the closure of the femoral artery after percutaneous catheterization procedures.
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