Device Recall Smith & Nephew ACUFEX TRUNAV Retrograde Drill 10MM

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    Batch Numbers: F91770, F92141, G10378, G10379, G10788, G10790 G11229, G11230, G11235, G11236, G15938, G15939, G18830, G18832 G27835, G27835, G27836, G30217, G30218, G30250, G30251, G32170
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    Worldwide Distribution - US (Nationwide) and Internationally to AU, CL, DB, DE, ES, FR, GB, NL, SE
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    Smith & Nephew ACUFEX TRUNAV Retrograde Drill 10MM || Product Number: 72204046 || The ACUFEX TRUNAV Retrograde Drill is intended for use in creating a back bore socket in bone
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    Smith & Nephew, Inc., 130 & 120 Forbes Blvd, Mansfield MA 02048
  • Manufacturer Parent Company (2017)
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