Device Recall ConMed Linvatech Hall Surgical Blades, Sterile ST STERNUM SAW BLADES

  • Model / Serial
    BBD42852, BBD43151, BBD43382, BBD22173, BBD22174, BBD24764, BBD25349, BBD25350, BBD25351, BBD25528, BBD26280, BBD26281, BBD27083 through BBD27085, BBD33998 through BBD34001, BBD34078, BBD34286, BBD35717, BBD36143, BBD37689, BBD37690, BBD37691, BBD39468, BBD41576 through BBD41578, and BBD42027.
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    Worldwide Distribution
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    ConMed Linvatec Hall Surgical Blades, Sterile ST STERNUM SAW BLADES, Catalog # 00505953200 || ConMed Linvatec Hall (R) Surgical Blades are intended for use in small bone or large bone orthopedic surgeries. These blades are designed to cut bone in an oscillating plane.
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    Linvatec Corp., 11311 Concept Boulevard, Largo FL 33773
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