Device Recall ConMed Linvatech Hall Surgical Blades, Sterile ST REPEAT STERN BLADE

  • Model / Serial
    BBD23051, BBD23253, BBD26837, BBD34465, BBD30789, BBD38049, BBD42746, BBD21514, BBD22410, BBD23375, BBD24455, BBD26624, BBD28006, BBD29766, BBD30793, BBD34445, and BBD35379.
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    Worldwide Distribution
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    ConMed Linvatec Hall Surgical Blades, Sterile ST REPEAT STERN BLADE, Catalog # 00502317900, 00502318800, 00502318700, 00505927800, and 00505927900. || ConMed Linvatec Hall (R) Surgical Blades are intended for use in small bone or large bone orthopedic surgeries. These blades are designed to cut bone in an oscillating plane.
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    Linvatec Corp., 11311 Concept Boulevard, Largo FL 33773
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