Device Recall Bard Monopty Disposable Core Biopsy Instruments and Kits

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    Lot Number: REYK1575, REYL0126, REYI1423, REYI2144, REYI2147, REYI2257, REYI2259, REYJ0186, REYJ0652, REYJ1221, REYJ2078, REYK0399, REYK0794, REYK1112, REYK1573, REYL0042, REYL0523, REYL1225.
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    Worldwide Distribution: US (nationwide) and countries of: Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Japan and Pakistan.
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    Bard Monopty Disposable Core Biopsy Instruments and Kits, Monopty 14g x 16cm (22mm), Product Code: 121416; Monopty Biopsy, Product Code: 000441; Monopty 14g x 10cm (22mm), Product Code: 121410; Monopty 14g x 10cm (11mm), Product Code: 211410. || The BARD MONOPTY Disposable Core Biopsy Instrument is a single use core biopsy device. It is available in several needle gauge sizes and lengths. The actuator button and arrow in the ready window are color coded according to the various gauge sizes, e.g., Yellow=20 gauge, Pink=18 gauge, Purple=16 gauge, Green=14 gauge, and Light Blue=12 gauge. (Only the 14 gauge size has been reported to be affected by this issue). The core needle biopsy device is intended for use in obtaining biopsies from soft tissues such as liver, kidney, prostate, spleen, lymph nodes and various soft tissue tumors. It is not intended for use in bone.
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    Bard Peripheral Vascular Inc, 1625 W 3rd St Ste 109, Tempe AZ 85281-2438
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