Device Recall Arrow NextStep Antegrade Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter

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    Product Number CS-15192-IXM, Lot Number RV1034909; Product Number CS-15232-IXM, Lot Number RV1034911; Product Number CS-15272-IXM, Lot Number RV1034912; Product Number CS-15312-IXM, Lot Number RV1034913; Product Number CS-15422-IX, Lot Number RV1034914; and Product Number CS-15502-IX, Lot Number RV1034915.
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    United States (states of CA, DE, FL, MI, NC, and TN).
  • Product Description
    Arrow NextStep Antegrade Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter. || Product is used for attaining long-term vascular access for hemodialysis and apheresis.
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    Arrow International Inc, 2400 Bernville Road, Reading PA 19605
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