Device Recall ADVIA XPT Chemistry System

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    Software Version 1.0.2; Lot Numbers: CA1275000080008, CA1275000090009, CA1275000060006, CA1275000050005, CA1275000070007, CA1275000130013, CA1275000100010, CA1275000120012, CA1275000170017, CA1275000260026, CA1275000270027, CA1275000280028, CA1275000240024, CA1275000200020, CA1275000220022, CA1275000410041
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    Distributed in the states of AZ, CA, and WA, and the countries of Germany, Italy, Spain, and UK.
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    ADVIA Chemistry XPT System, Siemens Material Number 10723034, Software Version 1.0.2, Siemens Material Number 11219493, IVD. || The ADVIA XPT Chemistry System is an automated, clinical chemistry analyzer that runs tests on serum, plasma, urine, or cerebral spinal fluid in random access and batch modes at a throughput rate of both 1800 photometric tests per hour and 600 electrolyte (ISE) tests per hour.
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    Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc., 511 Benedict Ave, Tarrytown NY 10591-5005
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