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    USA (nationwide Distribution) to the states of : CA, NY, AL,OK, MS, MD, NV, MN, TX, KY, WV, MI, NY, MT, IL, FL,WA, ID, MO, WY, NJ, VA, KY, GA, PA, TN, MS, KS, AZ, NE, SC, OR, OH, IA, RI, MI and NC.
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    Pentra C400 (version 1.1.2 or lower) || The ABX PENTRA 400 and 400C are discrete photometric bench top chemistry analyzers for clinical use. The device is intended to duplicate manual analytical procedures by performing various steps such as pipetting, mixing, heating and measuring color intensity. The device is intended for use in conjunction with certain materials to measure a variety of analytes.
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    Horiba Instruments Inc, 9755 Research Dr, Irvine CA 92618-4626
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