Neotrode, Softrade, TruLink

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    Neotrode, Wire Attached (Catalog Number: 1731-003) Lot Code: 0904014 thru 1008134; Neotrode II, Wire Attached (Catalog Number: 1741-003) Lot Code: 0904014 thru 1008114; Softrace Limb Band (Catalog Number: 2310-003) Lot Code: 0904014 thru 1008274; Softrace Neonatal, Wire Attached (Catalog Number: 2321-003) Lot Code: 0904014 thru 1007234; Softrace Pediatric, Wire Attached (Catalog Number: 2331-003) Lot Code: 0904014 thru 1007214; and TRU-LINK ECG Electrodes (Neonatal Pre-Wired) (Catalog Number: 685-0037-00) Lot Code: 0904014 thru 1007064
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    Worldwide distribution, including USA, Dubai, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, US Virgin Islands, Canada and Belgium.
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    Neotrode Wire Attached, Catalog Number: 1731-003; Neotrode II Wire Attached, Catalog Number: 1741-003; Softrace Neonatal Wire Attached, Catalog Number: 2321-003; Softrace Pediatric Wire Attached, Catalog Number: 2331-003; Softrace Limb Band, Catalog Number: 2310-003; TRU-LINK ECG Electrode (Neonatal Pre-Wired), Catalog Number: 685-0037-00; for use with electrocardiographic monitoring equipment to detect neonatal/pediatric heart action voltages.
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    ConMed Corporation, 525 French Road, Utica NY 13502
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