NEONATE 4 DISPOSABLE BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF WITH 1 TUBE, a disposable one piece cuff, for single patient use only. Sold under the Welch Allyn ''Tycos'' and Allegiance ''Tactics'' labels. The ''4'' represents the cuff size. (4 = 6.9 to 11.7 cm). These are sold in various configurations and assigned different part numbers. Devices are labeled as follows: || Welch Allyn Tycos #5082-104-1 (10 pack/1 tube); || Welch Allyn Tycos #5082-241-9 (5 pack/1 tube, multi-size pack); || Allegiance Tactics #30502-113S (case of 40/1tube); || Welch Allyn Tycos/Allegiance #5082-241-15 (5 pack/1 tube, multi-size pack); || Firm on label: (1) Welch Allyn Tycos and Tycos/Allegiance label (package insert and shipping case only): ''Welch Allyn, Inc., Skaneateles Falls, NY''; || (2) Allegiance Tactics label ''Distributed by: Allegiance Healthcare Corporation, McGaw Park, IL 60085-6787 USA''


  • Manufacturer Address
    Welch Allyn Inc, 4341 State Street Rd, Skaneateles Falls NY 13153-5300
  • Manufacturer Parent Company (2017)
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