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    Lot Numbers: RF0018975, RF0022666, RF0063422, RF0087612, RF5107030, RF5119129, RF5129996, RF6012024, RF6034966, RF6046200, RF6068548, RF6079525, RF6081311, RF6103626, RF6127038, RF7019125, RF7032328, RF7065841, RF7090233, RF7102114, RF7124570, RF8020116, RF8020746, RF8033340, RF8057411, RF8072077, RF8084420, RF8108025, RF8122236, RF8123291, RF9014648, RF9039391, RF9042572, RF9070841, RF9097328 and RF9114810.
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  • Implanted device?
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    Worldwide Distribution -- United States - all 50 States, and the countries of Canada, South America, China, South Africa, Australia, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, India, Indonesia, Bahamas, Taiwan, Thailand, Finland, France, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Bahamas, Costa Rico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatamala and the United Kingdom.
  • Product Description
    INTERNAL JUGULAR PUNCTURE KIT with Blue FlexTip(R) Catheter/Product SKU (Code) AK-04050 || Internal jugular puncture kit
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  • Manufacturer Address
    Arrow International Inc, 2400 Bernville Road, Reading PA 19605
  • Manufacturer Parent Company (2017)
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