Device Recall Dynarex CGA870 All Brass Oxygen RegulatorAll Brass 025 LPM, Barb & 2DISS Outlet

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    Lot number: 37979
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    US Distribution to the states of : MA and NJ
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    Dynarex CGA870 All Brass Oxygen Regulator, All Brass - 0-25 LPM, Barb & 2-DISS Outlet, UPC: 616784522715, Model Number 5227 || A pressure regulator is a device, often called a pressure-reducing valve, that is intended for medical purposes and that is used to convert a medical gas pressure from a high variable pressure to a lower, more constant working pressure. This device includes mechanical oxygen regulators.
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    Dynarex Corporation, 10 Glenshaw St, Orangeburg NY 10962-1207
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