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    All Servo ventilators 300 and 300A with automode function. Manufactured by Maquet Critical Care AB (previously Siemens). The Servo ventilators 300 (SV300) and 300A (SV300A) are intended for general and critical care ventilation of adult, paediatric and neonatal patients. Affected ventilators are those with an automode function. Automode is a function where two consecutive breathing efforts from the patient will shift the ventilator status from control mode to a support mode. The ventilator will remain in the support mode as long as the patient keeps breathing; if the patient stops breathing the ventilator will shift back to the control mode. The Servo-I ventilator is not affected by this issue.
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    Servo VentilatorsProduct: Servo-n Serial Numbers range: 1240-1455Product: Servo-u Serial Numbers range: 22611-24876ARTG Numbers: 218345, 162468(Getinge Australia - Ventilator, neonatal/paediatric)
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