Turon Impaction Fixture


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  • Model / Serial
    101521L01, 115670L18, 128092L10, 136172L07, 136172L08, 141511L22, 37369L10A, 37369L10B, 37837L23A, 37837L23B, 37837L23C, 37837L23D, 51103L05E, 51103L05F, 52748L02A, 52748L02B, 52748L02C, 52748L02D, 52748L02E, 52748L02F, 52748L02G, 52748L02H, 57074L05A, 89910L10
  • Product Classification
  • Device Class
  • Implanted device?
  • Distribution
    US, South Korea, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom/Ireland, Germany
  • Product Description
    Turon Impaction Fixture
  • Manufacturer