collagen meniscus implant


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    Ets.F.A Kettaneh
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    Serial/Lot Number(s) Affected: 4600: 15J456; 4601: 16A463, 16G470, 17F510; 4607: 16A461, 16D465, 16E467, 16F468, 17E506, 17E507; 4612: 16A458, 16A459, 17D489, 17E503, 17E504
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    CMI (Collagen Meniscus Implant) device, Ivy Sports Medicine s collagen-based meniscus implant || Product Usage: || The CMI device, Ivy Sports Medicine s collagen-based meniscus implant, is comprised primarily of bovine type I collagen (nominally 99%) derived from tendon and small quantities of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs: chondroitin sulfate and sodium hyaluronate). The device functions as a resorbable scaffold that is replaced by the patient s own tissue.The CMI device is designed to function as an absorbable template to facilitate host meniscus tissue regeneration in patients who have an irreparable meniscus tear or loss of meniscus tissue. The CMI meniscus tissue through the implant s absorption and replacement by patient s native tissue.
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