enFlow® IV fluid and blood warmer

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    The intended use of the enFlow IV Fluid/Blood Warming System is for warming blood, blood products and intravenous solutions prior to administration. It is designed to be used by healthcare professionals in the hospital, clinical and field environments to help prevent hypothermia. The system consists of the enFlow heating system and the disposable cartridge.Description Manufacturers reference NHS Supply Chain reference Blood and fluid warming unit 980105VS FSB1143 Blood and fluid warming disposable cartridges 980200EU FSB1143 Blood and fluid warming disposable cartridges with extension (30) 980202EU FSB1143
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    Vyaire Medical 26125 North Riverwoods Blvd. Mettawa 60045 USATelephone +1 833 327 3284Email Bob.Arnott@vyaire.com
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