Animas IR1200, Animas IR1250 and Animas 2020

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    Ambulatory insulin infusion pumps. Animas IR1200, Animas IR1250 and Animas 2020. All serial numbers . Animas no longer distributes the IR1200, IR1250 or the 2020 models in the UK. Affected pumps will be replaced with a different model of Animas insulin infusion pump. Animas will be providing training on the use of the replacement pumps. The manufacturer considers pumps that are outside the warranty period to have exceeded their expected life, and so will only be providing free-of-charge replacements for pumps that are still within warranty on 31 December 2015. Please note that all IR1200 and IR1250 pumps will be out of warranty by 31 December 2015.
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