VIVANO negative pressure wound therapy system

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    The VIVANO negative pressure wound therapy system is designed to facilitate the healing of wounds through the application of sub-atmospheric topical pressure to the wound site according to the mechanism of vacuum treatment in surgical management of suppurative wounds. In addition to the pump, the VIVANOMED foam assemblies and the VIVANOMED foam dressing assemblies are sterile foam assemblies ready for use with at least one polyurethane foam dressing, a transparent polyurethane film dressing and polyurethane self-adhesive, a connection port with hose. of silicone and a polypropylene tray. The VIVANOTEC port is a flexible system for the suction of exudates from wounds during treatment with negative pressure wound therapy and to apply negative pressure on the wound. In conjunction with the VIVANOTEC negative pressure therapy system, foam dressings ensure reliable removal of wound exudate, with negative pressure being equally distributed at the base of the wound. The connector in and VIVANOTEC is used to connect two VIVANOTEC port systems with a VIVANOTEC negative pressure therapy system.
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