Totalis Rigid Endo kit - BARD

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    REK24N and REK26N, batches NGYIX401, NGYIX402 and NGZG1732.
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    The BARD guides are indicated to offer transurethral or percutaneous access of the renal bladder, urethra or pelvis. BARD R INLAY / INLAYVERSAFIT suture urethral stent is indicated to alleviate obstruction in a variety of posttraumatic, malignant and benign urethral conditions, such as the presence of calculus or fragments, or other urethral obstructions such as those associated with urethral stricture, carcinoma of abdominal organs. , retroperitoneal fibrosis or urethral traumatism, or associated with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL). You can place the endoprosthesis with endoscopic or percutaneous surgical techniques with a standard radiographic technique. The ECOFLEX baskets are designed to eliminate endoscopic stones, stone fragments or extraneous bodies from the kidneys, ureter or bile ducts.
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