Solution for Dialysis in Renal Replacement Therapy

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    105351 - PRISMASATE BGK 2/0, lots 1000123133 and 1000128162 distributed between 10/27/2015 and 01/30/2016.
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    Adjuvant solution of hydro-electrolyte balance and PH in patients under renal substitution contains. The PRISMASATE solutions are sterile, to be used in patients under continuous renal replacement in patients with acute renal failure, and in other cases, when fluid or solute removal is required, as in cases of acute poisoning due to medications or drugs that can be dislodged, PRISMASATE does not enter contact with the patient's bloodstream. FIRMASATE solutions are sterile dialysis solutions to be used in continuous renal replacement therapy procedures during the treatment of renal insufficiency and in other indications where the removal of liquids or solutes is required, as in poisoning, which are dialysable.
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