seleXys Shaft flex


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    Surgical Instruments with flexible shaftsDescription & ArticleRM Classic Countersink reamer flex Gen.1- 3.14.251Reaming shaft flex. Gen.1- 3.15.252Countersink reamer flex. Gen.2- 3.14.256Reaming shaft flex. 46-52 Gen.2- 3.14.257Reaming shaft flex. 54-64 Gen.2- 3.14.258Reaming shaft flex. 60-68 Gen.2- 3.14.259Shaft flex. Gen.1- 3.40.501Countersink reamer flex. Gen.3- 55.02.1901Reaming shaft flex. Gen.3- 55.02.1903seleXys Shaft flex- 5502.00.2Shaft flex- 3.14.545
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